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Department of Economics, University of Bergen Working Papers in Economics, Department of Economics, University of Bergen

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No. 26/02: Assessing Changes in Intergenerational Earnings Mobility Full Text
Espen Bratberg, Øivind Anti Nilsen and Kjell Vaage

No. 25/02: Provision of Renewable Energy using Green Certificates: Market Power and Price Limits Full Text
Eirik S. Amundsen and Gjermund Nese

No. 24/02: Quality and location choices under price regulation Full Text
Kurt R. Brekke, Robert Nuscheler and Odd Rune Straume

No. 23/02: Merger, partial collusion and relocation Full Text
Pedro Posada and Odd Rune Straume

No. 22/02: Overtime pay premiums in a unionized oligopoly Full Text
Frode Meland

No. 21/02: Will Increased Wages Reduce Shortage of Nurses? A Panel Data Analysis of Nurses’ Labour Supply Full Text
Jan Erik Askildsen, Badi H. Baltagi and Tor Helge Holmås

No. 20/02: Income Effects of Divorce in Families with Dependent Children Full Text
Espen Bratberg and Sigve Tjøtta

No. 18/02: Education and completed fertility in Norway Full Text
Ghazala Naz, Øivind Anti Nilsen and Steinar Vagstad

No. 17/02: Balanced Environmental Games Full Text
Sjur Didrik Flåm

No. 16/02: Acquisitions in the Electricity Sector: Active vs. Passive Owners Full Text
Gjermund Nese

No. 15/02: Input price risk and optimal timing of energy investment: choice between fossil- and biofuels Full Text
Pauli Murto and Gjermund Nese

No. 14/02: Entry in Telecommunication: Customer Loyalty, Price Sensitivity and Access Prices Full Text
Kjell Erik Lommerud and Lars Sørgard

No. 12/02: The Impact of a Cash Benefit Reform on Parents’ Labour Force Participation. Full Text
Ghazala Naz

Anne-Line Bretteville-Jensen and Erik Biørn

No. 10/02: Full Coverage for Minor, Recurrent Losses? Full Text
Sjur Didrik Flåm

No. 09/02: Stochastic Approximation, Momentum, and Nash Play Full Text
Helge Berglann and Sjur Didrik Flåm

No. 08/02: Public Transfers and Marital Dissolution Full Text
Sigve Tjøtta and Kjell Vaage

No. 07/02: A Low-key Social Insurance Reform - Treatment Effects for Back Pain Patients in Norway Full Text
Arild Aakvik, Tor Helge Holmås and Egil Kjerstad

No. 06/02: Structural adjustment and endogenous worker recall probabilities Full Text
Frode Meland and Gaute Torsvik

No. 05/02: Unemployment, labour force composition and sickness absence. A panel data study Full Text
Jan Erik Askildsen, Espen Bratberg and Øivind Anti Nilsen

No. 04/02: Markets with Consumer Switching Costs and Non-Linear Pricing. Full Text
Tommy Staahl Gabrielsen and Steinar Vagstad

No. 03/02: Bilateral monopolies and location choice Full Text
Kurt R. Brekke and Odd Rune Straume

No. 02/02: Gender Differences in Early Retirement Behaviour Full Text
Svenn-Åge Dahl, Øivind Anti Nilsen and Kjell Vaage

No. 01/02: Skill Formation among Vocational Rehabilitation Clients – Public Policy vs Private Incentives Full Text
Arild Aakvik and Egil Kjerstad

2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
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