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No. 22/2007: The Impact of Banks and Non-Bank Financial Institutions on Local Economic Growth in China Full Text
Xiaoqiang Cheng and Hans Degryse

No. 21/2007: Economic growth across space and time: subprovincial evidence from Mainland China Full Text
Declan Curran, Michael Funke and Jue Wang

No. 20/2007: The Undisclosed Renminbi Basket: Are The Markets Telling Us Something About Where The Renminbi - US Dollar Exchange Rate Is Going? Full Text
Michael Funke and Marc Gronwald

No. 19/2007: Modelling inflation in China – a regional perspective Full Text
Aaron Mehrotra, Tuomas Peltonen and Alvaro Santos Rivera

No. 18/2007: Organized business, political regimes and property rights across the Russian Federation Full Text
William Pyle

No. 17/2007: Volatility dependence across Asia-Pacific on-shore and off-shore U.S. dollar futures markets Full Text
Roberta Colavecchio and Michael Funke

No. 16/2007: The CIS – does the regional hegemon facilitate monetary integration? Full Text
David G Mayes and Vesa Korhonen

No. 15/2007: Spatial econometric analysis of determinants and strategies of FDI in Russian regions in pre- and post-1998 financial crisis periods Full Text
Svetlana Ledyaeva

No. 14/2007: Money demand in post-crisis Russia: De-dollarisation and re-monetisation Full Text
Iikka Korhonen and Aaron Mehrotra

No. 13/2007: Does reform work? An econometric examination of the reform-growth puzzle Full Text
Ian Babetskii and Nauro F. Campos

No. 12/2007: Bribes and local fiscal autonomy in Russia Full Text
Pertti Haaparanta and Tuuli Juurikkala

No. 11/2007: Do sentiment indicators help to assess and predict actual developments of the Chinese economy? Full Text
Aaron Mehrotra and Jouko Rautava

No. 10/2007: The Chinese government's new approach to ownership and financial control of strategic state-owned enterprises Full Text
Mikael Mattlin

No. 9/2007: Dutch disease scare in Kazakhstan: Is it real? Full Text
Balázs Égert and Carol S. Leonard

No. 8/2007: Equilibrium exchange rates in oil-dependent countries Full Text
Iikka Korhonen and Tuuli Juurikkala

No. 7/2007: Diagnosing Dutch disease: Does Russia have the symptoms? Full Text
Nienke Oomes and Katerina Kalcheva

No. 6/2007: Can the Chinese trade surplus be reduced through exchange rate policy? Full Text
Alicia Garcia-Herrero and Tuuli Koivu

No. 5/2007: Russia's banking sector transition: Where to? Full Text
Andrei V. Vernikov

No. 4/2007: An "almost-too-late" warning mechanism for currency crises Full Text
Jesýs Crespo Cuaresma and Tomas Slacik

No. 3/2007: Currency substitution in a de-dollarizing economy: The case of Russia Full Text
Barry Harrison and Yulia Vymyatnina

No. 2/2007: Russian banks´ private deposit interest rates and market discipline Full Text
A.A. Peresetsky, A.M. Karminsky and S.V. Golovan

No. 1/2007: Foreign direct investment and China's bilateral intra-industry trade with Japan and the US Full Text
Yuqing Xing

1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
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