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No. 20/2010: Foreign bank lending and information asymmetries in China Full Text
Pierre Pessarossi, Christophe J. Godlewski and Laurent Weill

No. 19/2010: What Can an Open-Economy DSGE Model Tell Us about Hong Kong’s Housing Market? Full Text
Funke Michael and Paetz Michael

No. 18/2010: Monetary policy, asset prices and consumption in China Full Text
Tuuli Koivu

No. 17/2010: Bank capital, liquidity creation and deposit insurance Full Text
Zuzana Fungacova, Laurent Weill and Mingming Zhou

No. 16/2010: Stock market reaction to debt financing arrangements in Russia Full Text
Christophe J. Godlewski, Zuzana Fungacova and Laurent Weill

No. 15/2010: How helpful are spatial effects in forecasting the growth of Chinese provinces? Full Text
Eric Girardin and Konstantin A. Kholodilin

No. 14/2010: Currency substitution in the economies of Central Asia: How much does it cost? Full Text
Asel Isakova

No. 13/2010: Wealth effects and Russian money demand Full Text
Aaron Mehrotra and Alexey A. Ponomarenko

No. 12/2010: Russian fiscal policy during the financial crisis Full Text
Alexey A. Ponomarenko and Sergey A. Vlasov

No. 11/2010: The emergence and spatial distribution of Chinese seaport cities Full Text
Michael Funke and Hao Yu

No. 10/2010: China’s monetary policy and the exchange rate Full Text
Aaron Mehrotra and José R. Sánchez-Fung

No. 9/2010: Does diversification increase or decrease bank risk and performance? Evidence on diversification and the risk-return tradeoff in banking Full Text
Allen N. Berger, Iftekhar Hasan, Iikka Korhonen and Mingming Zhou

No. 8/2010: The effect of deposit insurance on market discipline: Evidence from a natural experiment on deposit flows Full Text
Alexei Karas, William Pyle and Koen Schoors

No. 7/2010: Bi-currency versus Single-Currency Targeting: Lessons from the Russian Experience Full Text
Vladimir Sokolov

No. 6/2010: Off-the-record target zones: Theory with an application to Hong Kong's currency board Full Text
Yu-Fu Chen, Michael Funke and Nicole Glanemann

No. 5/2010: The composition and interests of Russia’s business lobbies: A test of Olson’s “encompassing organization” hypothesis Full Text
William Pyle and Laura Solanko

No. 4/2010: The effects of focus versus diversification on bank performance: Evidence from Chinese banks Full Text
Allen N. Berger, Iftekhar Hasan and Mingming Zhou

No. 3/2010: Market power in the Russian banking industry Full Text
Zuzana Fungacova, Laura Solanko and Laurent Weill

No. 2/2010: Do Islamic banks have greater market power? Full Text
Laurent Weill

No. 1/2010: Bank cost efficiency in Kazakhstan and Russia Full Text
Anatoly Peresetsky

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