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Bank of Finland Research Discussion Papers, Bank of Finland

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No. 30/2008: Shattered on the Rock? British financial stability from 1866 to 2007 Full Text
Alistair Milne and Geoffrey Wood

No. 29/2008: Central bank institutional structure and effective central banking: cross-country empirical evidence Full Text Published
Iftekhar Hasan and Loretta Mester

No. 28/2008: Population ageing and fiscal sustainability in Finland: a stochastic analysis Full Text
Jukka Lassila and Tarmo Valkonen

No. 27/2008: Bank competition and collateral: theory and evidence Full Text
Christa Hainz, Laurent Weill and Christophe Godlewski

No. 26/2008: The co-movements along the forward curve of natural gas futures: a structural view  Full Text
Fabrizio Spargoli and Paolo Zagaglia

No. 25/2008: A continuous-time model of the term structure of interest rates with fiscal-monetary policy interactions Full Text
Massimiliano Marzo, Silvia Romagnoli and Paolo Zagaglia

No. 24/2008: Determinacy of interest rate rules with bond transaction services in a cashless economy  Full Text
Massimiliano Marzo and Paolo Zagaglia

No. 23/2008: Money-market segmentation in the Euro area: what has changed during the turmoil? Full Text
Paolo Zagaglia

No. 22/2008: Integrating European retail payment systems: some economics of SEPA Full Text
Kari Kemppainen

No. 21/2008: Government funds and demographic transition – alleviating ageing costs in a small open economy Full Text
Helvi Kinnunen

No. 20/2008: Estimating regime-switching Taylor rules with trend inflation Full Text
Efrem Castelnuovo, Luciano Greco and Davide Raggi

No. 19/2008: Adverse selection and financing of innovation: is there a need for R&D subsidies? Full Text Published
Tuomas Takalo and Tanja Tanayama

No. 18/2008: History of finance research and education in Finland: The first thirty years Full Text Published
Mika Vaihekoski

No. 17/2008: Macro-model-based stress testing of Basel II capital requirements Full Text
Esa Jokivuolle, Kimmo Virolainen and Oskari Vähämaa

No. 16/2008: Estimating open economy Phillips curves for the euro area with directly measured expectations Full Text
Maritta Paloviita

No. 15/2008: Investment-cash flow sensitivities, credit rationing and financing constraints Full Text
Leonardo Becchetti, Annalisa Castelli and Iftekhar Hasan

No. 14/2008: Does hedging tell the full story? Reconciling differences in US aggregate and industry-level exchange rate risk premia Full Text
Bill B Francis, Iftekhar Hasan and Delroy M Hunter

No. 13/2008: Why do growth rates differ? Evidence from cross-country data on private sector production Full Text
Juha Kilponen and Matti Viren

No. 12/2008: Bank runs, liquidity and credit risk Full Text
Jukka Topi

No. 11/2008: Efficiency and costs of payments: some new evidence from Finland Full Text
Kari Takala and Matti Viren

No. 10/2008: The signalling hypothesis revisited: Evidence from foreign IPOs Full Text
Bill B Francis, Iftekhar Hasan, James R Lothian and Xian Sun

No. 9/2008: Using financial markets information to identify oil supply shocks in a restricted VAR Full Text
Marko Melolinna

No. 8/2008: On the importance of borrowing constraints for house price dynamics Full Text
Essi Eerola and Niku Määttänen

No. 7/2008: Evaluating innovation policy: a structural treatment effect model of R&D subsidies Full Text Published
Tuomas Takalo, Tanja Tanayama and Otto Toivanen

No. 6/2008: Cointegration implications of linear rational expectation models Full Text
Mikael Juselius

No. 5/2008: Along but beyond mean-variance: Utility maximization in a semimartingale model Full Text
Heli Huhtala

No. 4/2008: Market power and merger simulation in retail banking Full Text
József Molnár

No. 3/2008: One Money, Several Cycles? Evaluation of European business cycles using model-based cluster analysis Full Text
Patrick Crowley

No. 2/2008: Consumer awareness and the use of payment media: evidence from young Finnish consumers Full Text
Ari Hyytinen and Tuomas Takalo

No. 1/2008: Regulatory choices in global financial markets – restoring the role of aggregate utility in the shaping of market supervision Full Text
Peik Granlund

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