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CESIS - Centre of Excellence for Science and Innovation Studies, Royal Institute of Technology KTH/CESIS Working Paper Series in Economics and Institutions of Innovation

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No. 462: One cow per poor family: effects on consumption and crop production in Rwanda Full Text
Pia Nilsson, Mikaela Backman, Lina Bjerke and Aristide Maniriho

Åke E. Andersson and Börje Johansson

No. 460: The impact of foreign direct investments on regional air pollution in the Republic of Korea: A way ahead to achieve the green growth strategy? Full Text
Erik Hille

No. 459: The Knowledge Spillover Theory of Intrapreneurship, Labour Mobility and Innovation by Firm Size Full Text
Pontus Braunerhjelm, Ding Ding and Per Thulin

No. 458: Dissolving the entrepreneurship puzzle: Applying Fréchet distributions to Lazear’s occupational choice model Full Text
Björn Hårsman and Lars-Göran Mattsson

No. 457: The Geography of Economic Segregation Full Text
Richard Florida and Charlotta Mellander

No. 456: Innovation, Skill, and Economic Segregation Full Text
Richard Florida and Charlotta Mellander

No. 455: Assessing the Role of Land Use Consolidation for Consumption Growth in Rwanda Full Text
Pia Nilsson

No. 454: Access to financial intermediaries and external capital acquisition Full Text
Mikaela Backman and Tina Wallin

No. 453: Self-employment and parenthood Full Text
Tina Wallin

No. 452: An empirical study of firms’ absorptive capacity and export diversification Full Text
Tina Wallin

No. 451: Absolute vs Relative Income and Life Satisfaction Full Text
Jonna Rickardsson and Charlotta Mellander

No. 450: How Wise Are Crowd? A Comparative Study of Crowd and Institutions in Peer-to-Business Online Lending Markets Full Text
Ali Mohammadi and Kourosh Shafi

No. 449: The impact of open innovation on employee mobility and entrepreneurship Full Text
Markus Simeth and Ali Mohammadi

No. 448: The Geography of the Global Super-Rich Full Text
Richard Florida and Charlotta Mellander

No. 447: Geography and Media – Does a Local Editorial Office Increase the Consumption of Local News? Full Text
Orsa Kekezi and Charlotta Mellander

No. 446: Disentangling Innovation in Small Food Firms: The role of External Knowledge, Support, and Collaboration Full Text
Sofia Wixe, Pia Nilsson, Lucia Naldi and Hans Westlund

No. 445: Finance and Innovative Investment in Environmental Technology: The Case of Sweden Full Text
Hans Lööf, Gustav Martinsson and Ali Mohammadi

No. 444: Persistent and Transient Efficiency of International Airlines Full Text
Almas Heshmati, Subal C. Kumbhakar and Jungsuk Kim

No. 443: Entrepreneurship after displacement: The transition and performance of entrepreneurial ventures created after displacement Full Text
Kristina Nyström

No. 442: CDM 20 Years After Full Text
Hans Lööf, Jacques Mairesse and Pierre Mohnen

No. 441: Knowledge transfer at the science-policy interface: How cognitive distance and the degree of expert autonomy shapes the outcome Full Text
Anders Broström and Maureen McKelvey

No. 440: Dynamic R&D Choice and the Impact of the Firm's Financial Strength Full Text
Bettina Peters, Mark J. Roberts and Van Anh Vuong

No. 439: Offshoring R&D Full Text
Joonas Tuhkuri, Hans Lööf, Ali Mohammadi and Petri Rouvinen

No. 438: The Lumpiness of German Exports and Imports of Goods Full Text
Joachim Wagner

No. 437: Inherited Advantage and Spinoff Success Full Text
Anders Broström, Hans Lööf and Pardis Nabavi

No. 436: Innovation Strategies Combining Internal and External Knowledge Full Text
Börje Johansson and Hans Lööf

No. 435: Are Unemployment Rates in OECD Countries Stationary? Evidence from Univariate and Panel Unit Root Tests Full Text
Naceur Khraief, Muhammad Shahbaz, Almas Heshmati and Muhammad Azam

No. 434: A Comparison of Different Window Models for Measuring Technical Efficiency Full Text
Masoomeh Rashidghalam and Almas Heshmati

No. 433: A Comparison of Panel Data Models in estimating Technical Efficiency Full Text
Masoomeh Rashidghalam, Almas Heshmati, Ghader Dashti and Esmail Pishbahar

No. 432: The Economics of Healthy Ageing in China Full Text
Almas Heshmati

No. 431: A Review of the Circular Economy and its Implementation Full Text
Almas Heshmati

No. 430: Human Capital Sorting - the ‘when’ and ‘who’ of sorting of talents to urban regions Full Text
Lina Ahlin, Martin Andersson and Per Thulin

No. 429: On the Quality and Impact of Residential Energy Performance Certificates Full Text
Björn Hårsman, Zara Daghbashyan and Parth Chaudhary

No. 428: Embracing the sharks: The impact of information exposure on the likelihood and quality of CVC investments Full Text
Ali Mohammadi and Pooyan Khashabi

No. 427: New firm formation in the wake of mergers and acquisitions: Are employees pushed or pulled into entrepreneurship? Full Text
Monia Lougui and Anders Broström

No. 426: Strategic Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Spillovers: Spatial and Aspatial Perspectives Full Text
Sam Tavassoli, Lars Bengtsson and Charlie Karlsson

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