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CTS - Centre for Transport Studies Stockholm (KTH and VTI)
CTS - Centre for Transport Studies Stockholm (KTH and VTI) CTS - Centre for Transport Studies Stockholm (KTH and VTI)
Working papers in Transport Economics

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No. 2012:31: Accuracy of congestion pricing forecasts Full Text Published
Jonas Eliasson, Dirk van Amelsfort, Maria Börjesson, Karin Brundell-Freij and Leonid Engelson

No. 2012:30: Is CBA ranking of transport investments robust? Full Text Published
Maria Börjesson, Jonas Eliasson and Mattias Lundberg

No. 2012:29: Marginal railway track renewal costs: a survival data approach Full Text
Mats Andersson and Gunilla Björklund

No. 2012:28: Sjöfartens långsiktiga drivmedelsförsörjning Full Text
Per Kågeson

No. 2012:27: Estimating non-marginal willingness to pay for railway noise abatement: application of the two-step hedonic regression technique Full Text
Jan-Erik Swärdh, Henrik Andersson, Lina Jonsson and Mikael Ögren

No. 2012:26: Procurement and contract design in the construction industry: … not one size fits all Full Text
Jan-Eric Nilsson

No. 2012:25: Congestion and scarcity in scheduled transport modes Full Text
Jan-Eric Nilsson

No. 2012:24: Multi-unit common value auctions: an experimental comparison between the static and the dynamic uniform auction Full Text
Joakim Ahlberg

No. 2012:23: Multi-unit common value auctions: a laboratory experiment with three sealed-bid mechanisms Full Text
Joakim Ahlberg

No. 2012:22: Impacts of different environmentally differentiated truck charges on mileage, fleet composition and emissions in Germany and Sweden Full Text
Inge Vierth and Heike Schleussner

No. 2012:21: The political economy of infrastructure planning in Sweden: supporting analyses Full Text
Johanna Jussila Hammes

No. 2012:20: Vad skulle en likabehandling av transportslagen innebära för näringslivets transportval: exemplifiering för några varuslag och relationer Full Text
Inge Vierth

No. 2012:19: Achieving political acceptability for new transport infrastructure in congested urban regions Full Text
Jonas Westin, Pierre Basck, Joel P. Franklin, Stef Proost and Charles Raux

No. 2012:18: Var inom transportsektorn får biogasen störst klimatnytta? Full Text
Per Kågeson and Lina Jonsson

No. 2012:17: The impact of stochastic properties of traffic demand on real option value in road projects Full Text
Niclas Krüger

No. 2012:16: Inter-temporal variation in the travel time and travel cost parameters of transport models Full Text
Maria Börjesson

No. 2012:15: Does infrastructure really cause growth?: the time scale dependent causality nexus between infrastructure investments and GDP Full Text
Niclas Krüger

No. 2012:14: Estimating traffic demand risk - a multiscale analysis Full Text
Niclas Krüger

No. 2012:13: Estimating welfare effects of congestion charges in real world settings Full Text
Maria Börjesson and Ida Kristoffersson

No. 2012:12: Forecasting demand for high speed rail Full Text
Maria Börjesson

No. 2012:11: On assessing climate effects of electrifying the transport sector Full Text
Björn Carlén and Svante Mandell

No. 2012:10: Höghastighetsstationer i andra europeiska länder Full Text
Bertil Hylén and Daniel Jonsson

No. 2012:9: Valuing perceived insecurity associated with use of and access to public transport Full Text
Maria Börjesson

No. 2012:8: Experiences from the Swedish Value of Time study Full Text
Maria Börjesson and Jonas Eliasson

No. 2012:7: De nationella myndigheternas hantering av marknadsöppning inom kollektivtrafiken – Trafikverket, Transportstyrelsen, Konkurrensverket och Konsumentverket Full Text
Roger Pyddoke, Stefan Pettersson and Nils Enberg

No. 2012:6: Inträdeshinder och flaskhalsar för en öppen marknad för persontransporter på järnväg Full Text
Roger Pyddoke

No. 2012:5: The liberalization of railway passenger transport in Sweden – Outstanding regulatory challenges Full Text
Gunnar Alexandersson, Staffan Hultén, Jan-Eric Nilsson and Roger Pyddoke

No. 2012:4: Congestion charges and labour market imperfections: “Wider economic benefits” or “losses”? Full Text
Christer Anderstig, Svante Berglund, Jonas Eliasson, Matts Andersson and Roger Pyddoke

No. 2012:3: The Stockholm congestion charges – five years on. Effects, acceptability and lessons learnt Full Text
Maria Börjesson, Jonas Eliasson, Muriel Hugosson and Karin Brundell-Freij

No. 2012:2: Valuations of travel time variability in scheduling versus mean-variance models Full Text
Maria Börjesson, Jonas Eliasson and Joel Franklin

No. 2012:1: The influence of individuals’ environmental attitudes and urban design features on their travel patterns in sustainable neighborhoods in the UK Full Text
Yusak O. Susilo, Katie Williams, Morag Lindsay and Carol Dair

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
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