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CTS - Centre for Transport Studies Stockholm (KTH and VTI)
CTS - Centre for Transport Studies Stockholm (KTH and VTI) CTS - Centre for Transport Studies Stockholm (KTH and VTI)
Working papers in Transport Economics

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No. 2014:27: Optimal supply of public transport: subsidising production or consumption or both? Full Text
Jan-Eric Nilsson, Joakim Ahlberg and Roger Pyddoke

No. 2014:26: Does fuel price affect trucking industry’s network characteristics?: evidence from Denmark Full Text
Megersa Abate

No. 2014:25: The Gothenburg congestion charge: effects, design and politics Full Text
Maria Börjesson and Ida Kristoffersson

No. 2014:24: Race to the top in traffic calming Full Text
Stef Proost and Jonas Westin

No. 2014:23: Economic effects of air transport market liberalization in Africa Full Text
Megersa Abate

No. 2014:22: Costs for Swedish public transport authorities in tendered bus contracts
Andreas Vigren

No. 2014:21: Household car ownership in urban and rural areas in Sweden 1999–2008 Full Text
Roger Pyddoke and Christopher Creutzer

No. 2014:20: Degrees of freedom in road construction Full Text
Johan Nyström, Hans Lind and Jan-Eric Nilsson

No. 2014:19: A biofuel mandate and a low carbon fuel standard with ‘double counting’ Full Text
Johanna Jussila Hammes

No. 2014:18: The Swedish car fleet model: evaluation of recent applications Full Text
Muriel Beser Hugosson, Staffan Algers, Shiva Habibi and Pia Sundbergh

No. 2014:17: Assessing the cost impact of competitive tendering in rail infrastructure maintenance services: evidence from the Swedish reforms (1999-2011) Full Text Published
Kristofer Odolinski and Andrew S.J. Smith

No. 2014:16: The inefficiency of marginal cost pricing on roads Full Text
Sofia Grahn-Voorneveld

No. 2014:15: It's the economy, stupid: increasing fuel price is enough to explain Peak Car in Sweden Full Text
Anne Bastian and Maria Börjesson

No. 2014:14: Why experience changes attitudes to congestion pricing: the case of Gothenburg Full Text Published
Maria Börjesson, Jonas Eliasson and Carl Hamilton

No. 2014:13: The causes and effects of declining driver license holdings in Sweden Full Text
Per Kågeson

No. 2014:12: Nätverksutläggning för cykel Full Text
Svante Berglund and Leonid Engelson

No. 2014:11: Determinants of congestion pricing acceptability Full Text
Carl J. Hamilton, Jonas Eliasson, Karin Brundell-Freij, Charles Raux, Stephanie Souche, Kati Kiiskilää and Juha Tervonen

No. 2014:10: Further development of SAMPERS and modeling of urban congestion Full Text
Andreas Almroth, Svante Berglund, Olivier Canella, Leonid Engelson, Gunnar Flötteröd, Daniel Jonsson, Ida Kristoffersson and Jens West

No. 2014:9: Joint econometric models of freight transport chain and shipment size choice Full Text
Megersa Abate, Inge Vierth and Gerard de Jong

No. 2014:8: Response to a social dilemma : an analysis of the choice between an economic and an environmental optimum in a policy making context Full Text
Lena Nerhagen, Roger Pyddoke and Johanna Jussila Hammes

No. 2014:7: The Stockholm congestion charges: an overview Full Text
Jonas Eliasson

No. 2014:6: Does benefit/cost-efficiency influence transport investment decisions? Full Text Published
Jonas Eliasson, Maria Börjesson, James Odeck and Morten Welde

No. 2014:5: Freight transport, policy instruments and climate Full Text
Svante Mandell, Jan-Eric Nilsson and Inge Vierth

No. 2014:4: Samhällsekonomiskt effektiv tilldelning av järnvägskapacitet: några synpunkter på Trafikverkets nuvarande process Full Text
Jonas Eliasson and Martin Aronsson

No. 2014:3: Precautionary and operative costs of freight train delays: a case study of a Swedish grocery company Full Text
Niclas A. Krüger and Inge Vierth

No. 2014:2: Is sustainable transport policy sustainable? Full Text Published
Jonas Eliasson and Stef Proost

No. 2014:1: The Stockholm congestion pricing syndrome: how congestion charges went from unthinkable to uncontroversial Full Text Published
Jonas Eliasson

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