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Department of Economics, School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg Working Papers in Economics

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No. 284: HIV/AIDS, Adult Mortality and Fertility: Evidence from Malawi Full Text
Dick Durevall and Annika Lindskog

No. 283: The persistence of urban poverty in Ethiopia: A tale of two measurements Full Text
Arne Bigsten and Abebe Shimeles

No. 282: Social divisions and institutions: Assessing institutional parameter variation Full Text
Ann-Sofie Isaksson

No. 281: The Roots of Ethnic Diversity Full Text
Pelle Ahlerup and Ola Olsson

No. 280: Why Are Market Economies Politically Stable? A Theory of Capitalist Cohesion Full Text
Carl-Johan Dalgaard and Ola Olsson

No. 279: Dynamics of Employment- and Earnings-Assimilation of First-Generation Immigrant Men in Sweden, 1990-2000 Full Text
Alpaslan Akay

No. 278: Monte Carlo Investigation of the Initial Values Problem in Censored Dynamic Random-Effects Panel Data Models Full Text
Alpaslan Akay

No. 277: Local Unemployment and the Earnings-Assimilation of Immigrant Men in Sweden: Evidence from Longitudinal Data, 1990-2000 Full Text
Alpaslan Akay and Kerem Tezic

No. 276: Disability and Marginal Utility of Income Full Text
Sven Tengstam

No. 275: Testing Rationality on Primitive Knowledge Full Text
Olivier Gossner and Elias Tsakas

No. 274: Are demand elasticities affected by politically determined tax levels? : simultaneous estimates of gasoline demand and price Full Text Forthcoming
Lennart Flood, Nizamul Islam and Thomas Sterner

No. 273: Competition in TV-Distribution - A framework and applications to Sweden Full Text
Mats Bergman and Johan Stennek

No. 272: Default Contagion in Large Homogeneous Portfolios Forthcoming
Alexander Herbertsson

No. 271: Modelling Default Contagion Using Multivariate Phase-Type Distributions Full Text
Alexander Herbertsson

No. 270: Pricing Synthetic CDO Tranches in a Model with Default Contagion Using the Matrix-Analytic Approach Full Text
Alexander Herbertsson

No. 269: Pricing k-th-to-default Swaps under Default Contagion: The Matrix-Analytic Approach Full Text
Alexander Herbertsson and Holger Rootzén

No. 268: Statistical Implications of the Stability and Growth Pact: Creative accounting and the role of Eurostat Full Text
Lena Frej Ohlsson

No. 267: The Stability and Volatility of Electricity Prices: An Illustration of (lambda, sigma-2) Analysis Full Text
Mikael Bask and Anna Widerberg

No. 266: The Persistence of Welfare Participation Full Text
Thomas Andrén

No. 265: Shutdown Threats, Firm Fragmentation and the Skill Premium Full Text
Klas Sandén

No. 264: Market Imperfections and Wage Inequality Full Text
Klas Sandén

No. 263: Risk, Occupational Choice, and Inequality Full Text
Klas Sandén

No. 262: Motives for Private Gift Transfers: Theory and Evidence from Romania Full Text Published
Andreea Mitrut and Katarina Nordblom

No. 261: Occupational gender composition and wages in Romania: from planned equality to market inequality? Full Text
Daniela Andrén and Thomas Andrén

No. 260: Poverty dynamics in Ethiopia: state dependence Full Text
Nizamul Islam and Abebe Shimeles

No. 259: A Dynamic Tobit Model of Female Labor Supply Full Text
Nizamul Islam

No. 258: Preferences for redistribution - a cross-country study in fairness Full Text
Ann-Sofie Isaksson and Annika Lindskog

No. 257: Island Status, Country Size and Institutional Quality in Former Colonies Full Text
Heather Congdon Fors

No. 256: The Determinants of Rural Child Labor: An Application to India Full Text
Heather Congdon Fors

No. 255: Efficient communication, common knowledge, and consensus Full Text
Elias Tsakas and Mark Voorneveld

No. 254: Aggregate information, common knowledge, and agreeing not to bet Full Text
Elias Tsakas

No. 253: Tenure Rights and Stewardship of Marine Resources: A co-managed Swedish shrimp fishery in a marine reserve Full Text
Hĺkan Eggert and Mats Ulmestrand

No. 252: Hypothetical bias in choice experiments: Within versus between subject tests Full Text
Olof Johansson-Stenman and Henrik Svedsäter

No. 251: Does context matter more for hypothetical than for actual contributions? Evidence from a natural field experiment Full Text
Francisco Alpizar, Fredrik Carlsson and Olof Johansson-Stenman

No. 250: Maximum fee vs child benefit: A welfare analysis of Swedish child-care fee reform Full Text Published
Anna Brink, Katarina Nordblom and Roger Wahlberg

No. 249: Using Ex Post Data to Estimate the Hurdle Rate of Abatement Investments - An Application to the Swedish Pulp and Paper Industry and Energy Sector Full Text
Ĺsa Löfgren, Katrin Millock and Céline Nauges

No. 248: Social Capital vs Institutions in the Growth Process Full Text
Pelle Ahlerup, Ola Olsson and David Yanagizawa

No. 247: On the Institutional Legacy of Mercantilist and Imperialist Colonialism Full Text
Ola Olsson

No. 246: What do friends and media tell us? How different information channels affect women’s risk perceptions of age-related female infertility Full Text
Elina Lampi

No. 245: Anonymity, Reciprocity, and Conformity: Evidence from Voluntary Contributions to a National Park in Costa Rica Full Text
Francisco Alpizar, Fredrik Carlsson and Olof Johansson-Stenman

No. 244: Does Migration Pay? Earnings effects from geographic mobility following job displacement Full Text
Anders Boman

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