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Department of Real Estate and Construction Management & Centre for Banking and Finance (cefin), Royal Institute of Technology Working Paper Series, Department of Real Estate and Construction Management & Centre for Banking and Finance (cefin), Royal Institute of Technology

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No. 13/20: A method to determine capitalization in small data samples Full Text
Fredrik Kopsch

No. 13/19: Organization of Laundry Facilities and Energy-Use in Owner-Occupied Multi-Family Buildings Full Text Published
Lena Borg and Lovisa Högberg

No. 13/18: Quality change and implications for productivity development: Housing construction in Sweden 1990-2010 Full Text Published
Lena Borg and Han-Suck Song

No. 13/17: Price discovery over space in office markets Full Text
Lovisa Högberg, Svante Mandell and Olof Netzell

No. 13/16: Robust immunization Full Text
Fredrik Armerin

No. 13/15: Quality of Road Construction Projects in Sweden between 1990-2010 Full Text
Hans Lind, Han-Suck Song and Abukar Warsame

No. 13/14: The Choice between 3D Property Rights Alternatives - Economic Theory, Legal Provisions, and Case Studies Full Text
Peter Ekbäck

No. 13/13: Determinants of mutual fund flows Published
Fredrik Kopsch, Han-Suck Song and Mats Wilhelmsson

No. 13/12: Flippers and the market for lemons: An explorative study of renovations in cooperative housing Full Text
Rickard Engström and Hans Lind

No. 13/11: A more transparent two-step categorization of valuation methods Full Text
Hans Lind and Bo Nordlund

No. 13/10: Challenging the idyll: Does crime affect property prices in small towns? Full Text
Vania Ceccato and Mats Wilhelmsson

No. 13/9: Does greater energy performance have an impact on real estate revenues? Published
Magnus Bonde and Han-Suck Song

No. 13/8: High house prices and homeownership rates Full Text
Cecilia Enström Öst, Söderberg Bo and Wilhelmsson Mats

No. 13/7: Financial Infrastructure and House Prices Full Text
Svante Mandell and Mats Wilhelmsson

No. 13/6: The Impact of Energy Performance on Single-Family Home Sales Prices in Sweden Full Text Published
Lovisa Högberg

No. 13/5: Household allocation and spatial distribution in a market under (“soft”) rent control Full Text
Cecilia Enström Öst, Bo Söderberg and Mats Wilhelmsson

No. 13/4: The impact of vocational education and training on income in Sweden Full Text
Roland Andersson, Pardis Nabavi Larijani and Mats Wilhelmsson

No. 13/3: City re-location and potential wealth loss - A method of measurement and an empirical test Full Text Forthcoming
Fredrik Kopsch

No. 13/2: Quantity Choice in Unit Price Contract Procurements Full Text
Svante Mandell and Fredrik Brunes

No. 13/1: Value of environmental factors and willingness to pay for green apartments in Sweden Full Text
Agnieszka Zalejska-Jonsson

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
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