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CIRCLE, Center for Innovation, Research and Competences in the Learning Economy, Lund University Papers in Innovation Studies, CIRCLE, Center for Innovation, Research and Competences in the Learning Economy, Lund University

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No. 2008/21: Upgrading in Asian clusters: Rethinking the importance of interactive-learning Full Text
Cristina Chaminade and Jan Vang

No. 2008/20: Globalisation of Knowledge Production and Regional Innovation Policy: Supporting Specialized Hubs in the Bangalore Software Industry Full Text
Cristina Chaminade and Jan Vang

No. 2008/19: The Role of mediator organisations in the making of innovation systems in least developed countries. Evidence from Tanzania Full Text
Astrid Szogs

No. 2008/18: Regional innovation systems and the global location of innovation activities: Lessons from China Full Text
Chen Yun-Chung, Jan Vang and Cristina Chaminade

No. 2008/17: Concluding Chapter: Globalisation and Innovation Policy Full Text
Leif Hommen and Charles Edquist

No. 2008/16: Electrification and energy productivity Full Text
Enflo Kerstin, Astrid Kander and Lennart Schön

No. 2008/14: The paradox of high R&D input and low innovation output: Sweden Full Text
Pierre Bitard, Charles Edquist, Leif Hommen and Annika Rickne

No. 2008/13: RIS and Developing Countries: Linking firm technological capabilities to regional systems of innovation Full Text
Ramon Padilla, Jan Vang and Cristina Chaminade

No. 2008/12: Energy transitions in Europe: 1600-2000 Full Text
Astrid Kander, Paolo Malanima and Paul Warde

No. 2008/11: Putting Constructed Regional Advantage into Swedish Practice?. The case of the VINNVÄXT initiative 'Food Innovation at Interfaces' Full Text
Lars Coenen and Jerker Moodysson

No. 2008/10: Comparing national systems of innovation in Asia and Europe: theory and comparative framework Full Text
Charles Edquist and Leif Hommen

No. 2008/9: The Challenges of Globalisation: Strategic Choices for Innovation Policy Full Text
Susana Borrás, Cristina Chaminade and Charles Edquist

No. 2008/8: Policy Reforms, New University-Industry Links and Implications for Regional Development in Japan Full Text
Fumi Kitagawa

No. 2008/7: The Swedish Paradox arises in Fast-Growing Sectors Full Text
Olof Ejermo and Astrid Kander

No. 2008/6: Design of Innovation Policy through Diagnostic Analysis: Identification of Systemic Problems (or Failures) Full Text
Charles Edquist

No. 2008/5: Building absorptive capacity in less developed countries The case of Tanzania Full Text
Astrid Szogs, Cristina Chaminade and Ruzana Azatyan

No. 2008/4: Clusters in Time and Space: Understanding the Growth and Transformation of Life Science in Scania Full Text
Jerker Moodysson, Nilsson Magnus and Martin Svensson Henning

No. 2008/3: The Effects of R&D on Regional Invention and Innovation Full Text
Olof Ejermo and Urban Gråsjö

No. 2008/2: The Development of a New Swedish Innovation Policy A Historical Institutional Approach Full Text
Bo Persson

No. 2008/1: R&D and financial systems: the determinants of R&Dexpenditures in the Swedish pharmaceutical industry Full Text
Claes Malmberg

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