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CIRCLE, Center for Innovation, Research and Competences in the Learning Economy, Lund University Papers in Innovation Studies, CIRCLE, Center for Innovation, Research and Competences in the Learning Economy, Lund University

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No. 2014/33: Innovation in peripheral regions: Do collaborations compensate for a lack of local knowledge spillovers? Full Text
Markus Grillitsch and Magnus Nilsson

No. 2014/32: The Technological Resilience of U.S. Cities Full Text
Pierre-Alexandre Balland, David Rigby and Ron Boschma

No. 2014/31: New Path Development in the Periphery Full Text
Arne Isaksen and Michaela Trippl

No. 2014/30: Who acquires whom? The role of geographical proximity and industrial relatedness in Dutch domestic M&As between 2002 and 2008 Full Text
Nils Ellwanger and Ron Boschma

No. 2014/29: Institutions and Regulations in Innovation Systems: Effects, Problems and Innovation Policy Design Full Text
Susana Borrás and Charles Edquist

No. 2014/28: Combinatorial knowledge bases: integrating cognitive, organizational and spatial dimensions in innovation studies and economic geography Full Text
Jesper Manniche, Jerker Moodysson and Stefania Testa

No. 2014/27: Chinese and Indian Multinationals: A Firm-Level Analysis of their Investments in Europe Full Text
Vito Amendolagine, Claudio Cozza and Roberta Rabellotti

No. 2014/26: The challenge of alignment and barriers for the design and implementation of science, technology and innovation policies for innovation systems in developing countries Full Text
Cristina Chaminade and Ramón Padilla Pérez

No. 2014/25: Is Co-Invention Expediting Technological Catch Up? A Study of Collaboration between Emerging Country Firms and EU inventors Full Text
Elisa Giuliani, Arianna Martinelli and Roberta Rabellotti

No. 2014/24: Ownership Change, Multinationals, and Growth of New Technology-Based Firms Full Text
Jing Xiao

No. 2014/23: Explaining Cluster Evolution from an Institutional Point of View: Evidence from a French Beverage Cluster Full Text
Jerker Moodysson and Lionel Sack

No. 2014/22: Striving Towards a Holistic Innovation Policy in European Countries - But Linearity Still Prevails! Full Text
Charles Edquist

No. 2014/21: Innovation Policy for Knowledge Production and R&D: the Investment Portfolio Approach Full Text
Susana Borrás and Charles Edquist

No. 2014/20: Intermediaries and Regional Innovation Systemic behavior: A typology for Spain Full Text
Xabier Alberdi Pons, Juan José Gibaja Martíns and Mario Davide Parrilli

No. 2014/19: Acquisitions of Start-ups by Incumbent Businesses A market selection process of “high-quality” entrants? Full Text
Martin Andersson and Jing Xiao

No. 2014/18: Persistence of cooperation on innovation: Econometric evidence from panel micro data Full Text
Martin Srholec

No. 2014/17: Regional industrial path development in different regional innovation systems: A conceptual analysis Full Text
Arne Isaksen and Michaela Trippl

No. 2014/16: How Do Geographical and Organisational Proximity Influence the Relational Pattern of MNCs’ Global Innovation Networks: An In-depth Case Study Full Text
Ju Liu

No. 2014/15: How Important are Local Inventive Milieus: The role of Birthplace, High School and University Education Full Text
Olof Ejermo and Høgni Kalsø Hansen

No. 2014/14: Towards an evolutionary perspective on regional resilience Full Text
Ron Boschma

No. 2014/13: The role of universities in regional development: conceptual models and policy institutions in the UK, Sweden and Austria Full Text
Michaela Trippl, Tanja Sinozic and Helen Lawton Smith

No. 2014/12: Perspectives on Cluster Evolution: Critical Review and Future Research Issues Full Text
Michaela Trippl, Markus Grillitsch, Arne Isaksen and Tanja Sinozic

No. 2014/11: Social Network Analysis Methodologies for the Evaluation of Cluster Development Programs Full Text
Elisa Giuliani and Carlo Pietrobelli

No. 2014/10: Evaluating the Impact of Cluster Development Programs Full Text
Elisa Giuliani, Alessandro Maffioli, Manuel Pacheco, Carlo Pietrobelli and Rodolfo Stucchi

No. 2014/9: Human Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility in Developing Countries’ Industrial Clusters Full Text
Elisa Giuliani

No. 2014/8: Efficiency of Research and Innovation Systems for Economic Growth and Employment Full Text
Charles Edquist

No. 2014/7: Exploring the interplay, differences, and commonalities between global production networks and global innovation networks of two multinational companies Full Text
Ju Liu and Cristina Chaminade

No. 2014/6: The Sources of the Urban Wage Premium by Worker Skills Full Text
Martin Andersson, Johan Klaesson and Johan P Larsson

No. 2014/5: Collaboration in innovation between foreign subsidiaries and local universities: evidence from Spain Full Text
José Guimón and Juan Carlos Salazar

No. 2014/4: Local Competitiveness fostered through Local Institutions for Entrepreneurship Full Text
Martin Andersson and Magnus Henrekson

No. 2014/3: Chinese and Indian M&As in Europe: The relationship between motive and ownership choice Full Text
Lucia Piscitello, Roberta Rabellotti and Vittoria Giada Scalera

No. 2014/2: An analysis of Chinese outward FDIs in Europe with firm-level data Full Text
Alessia Amighini, Claudio Cozza, Roberta Rabellotti and Marco Sanfilippo

No. 2014/1: Institutional Change and Economic Evolution in Regions Full Text
Markus Grillitsch

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