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CIRCLE, Center for Innovation, Research and Competences in the Learning Economy, Lund University Papers in Innovation Studies, CIRCLE, Center for Innovation, Research and Competences in the Learning Economy, Lund University

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No. 2016/30: Import, Export and Multinationality. Evidence from Swedish Firms Full Text
Davide Castellani and Claudio Fassio

No. 2016/29: Transplanting clean-tech paths from elsewhere: The emergence of the Chinese solar PV industry Full Text
Christian Binz and Laura Diaz Anadon

No. 2016/28: Survival of Entrepreneurial Firms: The Role of Agglomeration Externalities Full Text
Sam Tavassoli and Viroj Jienwatcharamongkhol

No. 2016/27: Technological innovation systems for biorefineries – A review of the literature Full Text
Fredric Bauer, Lars Coenen, Teis Hansen, Kes McCormick and Yuliya Voytenko Palgan

No. 2016/26: Innovation Policies and New Regional Growth Paths: A place-based system failure framework Full Text
Markus Grillitsch and Michaela Trippl

No. 2016/25: Policy capacities for new regional industrial path development – The case of new media and biogas in southern Sweden Full Text
Hanna Martin and Roman Martin

No. 2016/24: The Swedish National Innovation Council: Innovation policy governance to replace linearity with holism Full Text
Charles Edquist

No. 2016/23: Smart Specialization as an innovation-driven strategy for economic diversification: Examples from Scandinavian regions Full Text
Bjřrn Asheim, Markus Grillitsch and Michaela Trippl

No. 2016/22: Technological Capabilities, Technological Dynamism and Innovation Offshoring Full Text
Torben Schubert, Elisabeth Baier and Christian Rammer

No. 2016/21: Strategic Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Spillovers: Spatial and Aspatial Perspectives Full Text
Sam Tavassoli, Lars Bengtsson and Charlie Karlsson

No. 2016/20: Entrepreneurial Experimentation: A key function in Entrepreneurial Systems of Innovation Full Text
Asa Lindholm-Dahlstrand, Martin Andersson and Bo Carlsson

No. 2016/19: Paving the way for new regional industrial paths: Actors of change in Scania’s games industry Full Text
Johan Miörner and Michaela Trippl

No. 2016/18: Multinationality, R&D and Productivity: Evidence from the top R&D investors worldwide Full Text
Davide Castellani, Sandro Montresor, Torben Schubert and Antonio Vezzani

No. 2016/17: Lock-in of mature innovation systems, The transformation toward clean concrete in the Netherlands Full Text
Joeri H. Wesseling and Alexander van der Vooren

No. 2016/16: From Social Innovation to System Innovation: Assisted living experiments in Britain and Norway Full Text
Markus Bugge, Lars Coenen, Pedro Marques and Kevin Morgan

No. 2016/15: R&D and Productivity in the US and the EU: Sectoral Specificities and Differences in the Crisis Full Text
Davide Castellani, Mariacristina Piva, Torben Schubert and Marco Vivarelli

No. 2016/14: Are multinationals better at creating technical linkages with local firms? Full Text
Claudio Cozza, Giulio Perani and Antonello Zanfei

No. 2016/13: Knowledge diversity and firm growth: Searching for a missing link Full Text
Markus Grillitsch, Torben Schubert and Martin Srholec

No. 2016/12: When Regional Innovation Policies Meet Policy Rationales and Evidence: A Plea for Policy Analysis Full Text
Susana Borrás and Jacint Jordana

No. 2016/11: The patenting performance of second-generation immigrants in Sweden: differentiated by parents’ region of origin Full Text
Yannu Zheng

No. 2016/10: Human Capital Sorting - the ‘when’ and ‘who’ of sorting of talents to urban regions Full Text
Lina Ahlin, Martin Andersson and Per Thulin

No. 2016/9: What drives the geographies of creative industries? From literature review to research agenda Full Text
Huiwen Gong and Robert Hassink

No. 2016/8: Strategic Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Spillovers: Spatial and Aspatial Perspectives
Sam Tavassoli, Lars Bengtsson and Charlie Karlsson

No. 2016/7: From technological to symbolic innovation? Open source, Maker Movement and global demand for 3D printers Full Text
Claudio Fassio and Luca Grilli

No. 2016/6: Does institutional diversity promote global innovation networks? Full Text
Markus Grillitsch and Cristina Chaminade

No. 2016/5: Public procurement for innovation: lessons from the procurement of a navigable storm surge barrier Full Text
Joeri H. Wesseling and Charles Edquist

No. 2016/4: The Joint Influencing Mechanism of Proximities and Knowledge Base on Multinational Companies’ Global Innovation Networks Full Text
Ju Liu and Ingo Liefner

No. 2016/3: Industrial Dynamics: A Review of the Literature 1990-2009 Full Text
Bo Carlsson

No. 2016/2: Explaining regional economic performance: the role of competitiveness, specialization and capabilities Full Text
Jan Fagerberg and Martin Srholec

No. 2016/1: Institutional Thickness Revisited Full Text
Elena Zukauskaite, Monica Plechero and Michaela Trippl

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