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No. 2002:20: The Wealth Tax and Economic Growth Published
Åsa Hansson

No. 2002:19: Cross Sectional Analysis of the Swedish Stock Market Full Text
Hossein Asgharian and Björn Hansson

No. 2002:18: Ageing Populations and Intergenerational Risk-sharing in PAYG Pension Schemes Full Text
Agneta Kruse

No. 2002:17: Strategy-proofness and Fixed-price Allocation of Indivisible Goods - a Characterization Proof Full Text
Lars-Gunnar Svensson

No. 2002:16: Intra-Generational Trust - a Semi-Experimental Study of Trust Among Different Generations Published
Håkan Holm and Paul Nystedt

No. 2002:15: Trade Protection and the Location of Production Full Text
Susanna Thede

No. 2002:14: Strategy-Proofness, Core, and Sequential Trade Published
Lars-Gunnar Svensson and Bo Larsson

No. 2002:13: Is UK Risky Money Weakly Separable? A Stochastic Approach Full Text
Jane Binner, Thomas Elger and Philipe de Peretti

No. 2002:12: Trust in the Tropics? Experimental Evidence from Tanzania Published
Anders Danielson and Hakan J Holm

No. 2002:11: Structural Change in Fiscal Policy and The Permanence of Fiscal Contractions - The Case of Denmark and Ireland. Full Text
Göran Hjelm and Martin W Johansson

No. 2002:10: Efficiency in Public Education Full Text
Staffan Waldo

No. 2002:9: The UK Personal Sector Demand for Risky Money Published
Jane Binner and Thomas Elger

No. 2002:8: Dynamic Portfolio Selection: The Relevance of Switching Regimes and Investment Horizon Published
Andreas Graflund and Birger Nilsson

No. 2002:7: Age diffusion never stops? Carotid endarterectomy among the elderly Published
Paul Nystedt and Carl Hampus Lyttkens

No. 2002:6: The Demand for Monetary Assets in the UK; a Locally Flexible Demand System Analysis Full Text
Thomas Elger

No. 2002:5: Regime Switches in Swedish Interest Rates Full Text
Ulf Erlandsson

No. 2002:4: Financial Liberalization and the Changing Characteristics of Nordic Stock Returns Full Text
Birger Nilsson

No. 2002:3: A Monte Carlo Study on the Pitfalls in Determining Deterministic Components in Cointegrating Models Published
Göran Hjelm and Martin W Johansson

No. 2002:2: Reexamining loss aversion in aggregate consumption - Swedish and international evidence Full Text
Martin W Johansson

No. 2002:1: International Asset Pricing and the Benefits from World Market Diversification Full Text
Birger Nilsson

1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
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