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No. 2005:45: Choosing Opponents in Prisoners' Dilemma: An Evolutionary Analysis Full Text
Peter Engseld and Andreas Bergh

No. 2005:44: Using Credit Derivatives to Compute Market-Wide Default Probability Term Structures Published
Hans Byström

No. 2005:43: The Wealth Tax and Entrepreneurial Activity Published
Åsa Hansson

No. 2005:42: Panel Cointegration Tests with Deterministic Trends and Structural Breaks Full Text
Joakim Westerlund and David Edgerton

No. 2005:41: Nonlinear Taxation and Punishment Published
Tommy Andersson

No. 2005:40: Fiscal statistics for Sweden 1719-2003 Full Text Published
Klas Fregert and Roger Gustafsson

No. 2005:39: An n-person Rubinstein bargaining game Published
Pär Torstensson

No. 2005:38: Evolutionary Stability in Bargaining with an Asymmetric Breakdown Point Full Text
Pär Torstensson

No. 2005:37: Evolutionary Dynamics and a Refinement of the Neutral Stability Criterion Full Text
Pär Torstensson

No. 2005:36: Inequality in the Access to Secondary Education and Rural Poverty in Bangladesh: An Analysis of Household and School Level Data Full Text
Alia Ahmad, Mahabub Hossain and Manik Lal Bose

No. 2005:35: Political economy and pensions in ageing societies – a note on how an ”impossible” reform was implemented in Sweden. Full Text
Agneta Kruse

No. 2005:34: Debt and Economic Growth in Developing and Industrial Countries Full Text
Alfredo Schclarek

No. 2005:33: Conditioned Actions in Strategic Coordination Games Full Text
Peter Engseld

No. 2005:32: Determining the Level of Transportation Costs in the Core-Periphery Model: a Majority Voting Approach
Fredrik Gallo

No. 2005:31: Special Interest Politics and Trade Policy – An Empirical Challenge Full Text
Carl-Johan Belfrage

No. 2005:30: Preferences regarding road transports of hazardous materials using choice experiments - any sign of biases? Full Text
Lena Winslott Hiselius

No. 2005:29: Transaction Costs, Money and Units of Account Full Text
Ingemar Bengtsson

No. 2005:28: A framework for understanding inflation - with or without money Full Text
Ingemar Bengtsson

No. 2005:27: The Problem of Cooperation and Reputation Based Choice Full Text
Andreas Bergh and Peter Engseld

No. 2005:26: Trust in surveys and games - a matter of money and location? Published
Håkan Holm and Paul Nystedt

No. 2005:25: Transition Variables in the Markov-switching Model: Some Small Sample Properties Full Text
Ulf Erlandsson

No. 2005:24: Credit Default Swaps and Equity Prices: The Itraxx CDS Index Market Full Text Published
Hans N. E. Byström

No. 2005:23: Cournot Competition, Market Size Effects, and Agglomeration Full Text
Fredrik Gallo

No. 2005:22: Increasing Returns, Input-Output Linkages, and Technological Leapfrogging Full Text Published
Fredrik Gallo

No. 2005:21: Central bank power is a matter of faith Published
Ingemar Bengtsson

No. 2005:20: Nonlinear Income Taxes and the Utility Possibility Set Published
Tommy Andersson

No. 2005:19: Nonlinear Pricing and the Utility Possibility Set Full Text
Tommy Andersson

No. 2005:18: Can An ”Estimation Factor” Help Explain Cross-Sectional Returns? Published
Frederik Lundtofte

No. 2005:17: Expected Life-Time Utility and Hedging Demands in a Partially Observable Economy Published
Frederik Lundtofte

No. 2005:16: Testing for Stationarity in Panel Data when Errors are Serially Correlated. Finite-Sample Results Full Text
Kristian Jönsson

No. 2005:15: Absence of Absenteeism and Overtime work – Signaling Factors for Temporary Workers? Full Text
Anna Meyer and Mårten Wallette

No. 2005:14: Temporary Jobs and the Exit to Open-Ended Jobs in the Swedish Labour Market. Full Text
Mårten Wallette

No. 2005:13: Temporary Jobs and On-the-Job Training in Sweden - A Negative Nexus? Full Text
Mårten Wallette

No. 2005:12: Testing for Panel Cointegration with Multiple Structural Breaks Published
Joakim Westerlund

No. 2005:11: Testing for Error Correction in Panel Data Published
Joakim Westerlund

No. 2005:10: Panel Cointegration Tests of the Fisher Hypothesis Published
Joakim Westerlund

No. 2005:9: Pooled Unit Root Tests in Panels with a Common Factor Full Text
Joakim Westerlund

No. 2005:8: New Simple Tests for Panel Cointegration Published
Joakim Westerlund

No. 2005:7: Default Probabilities According to the Bond Market Published
Hans Byström and Oh Kang Kwon

No. 2005:6: Is China an Optimum Currency Area? Published
Hans Byström, Karin Olofsdotter and Lars Söderström

No. 2005:5: Default Risk, Systematic Risk and Thai Firms Before, During and After the Asian Crisis Published
Hans Byström, Lugkana Worasinchai and Srisuda Chongsithipol

No. 2005:4: Integration and Tax Competition: An Empirical Study of OECD Countries Full Text
Åsa Hansson and Karin Olofsdotter

No. 2005:3: Strategy-Proof Allocation of Multiple Public Goods Published
Lars-Gunnar Svensson and Pär Torstensson

No. 2005:2: Escaping Mass Education – Why Harvard Pays Full Text
Andreas Bergh and Günther Fink

No. 2005:1: Choosing Opponents in Games of Cooperation and Coordination
Peter Engseld and Andreas Bergh

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