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No. 37/1995: Competitive Search Equilibrium
E.R. Moen

No. 36/1995: Environmental Regulations and Plant Exit: A Logit Analysis Based on Establishment Panel Data.
E. Biorn, R. Golombec and A. Raknerud

No. 35/1995: Regulation of Quality and the Ratchet Effect: Does Unverifiability Hurt the Regulator?
D.M. Dalen

No. 34/1995: A Note on the Calculation of the Scale Elasticity in DEA Models
F.R. Forsund

No. 33/1995: Yardstick Competition and Investment Incentives.
D.M. Dalen

No. 32/1995: On the Consistency of Merger Policy.
T. Nilsen

No. 31/1995: Engineering Production Functions: Chocolate Production Revisited.
F.R. Forsund

No. 30/1995: Sequential Horizontal Mergers.
T. Nilssen and L. Sorgard

No. 29/1995: An Application of Wage Bargaining Models to Norwegian Panel Data.
F. Wulfsberg

No. 28/1995: Heterogeneity and Unemployment Duration.
E. Hernaes and S. Strom

No. 27/1995: The Cost of Filling Vacacies and the Persistence of Slack and Tight labor Markets.
K.O. Moene, R. Nymoen and M. Wallerstein

No. 26/1995: The Weitzman Foundation of NNP with Non-Constant Interest Rates.
G.B. Asheim

No. 25/1995: Designing Optimal Environmental Incentive Schemes Under Moral Hazard and Private Information.
J. Vislie

No. 24/1995: Unemployment, Labour Market Programmes and Wages in Norway.
O. Raaum and F. Wulfsberg

No. 23/1995: Social Welfare and Rent-Seeking Paradox.
D.J. Clark and C. Riis

No. 22/1995: Stabilizing Inflation Through Interest Rate Policy: Searching for Robust Monetary Policy Rules.
I.M. Lonning

No. 21/1995: Sticky Consumption and Rigid Wages.
T. Ellingsen and S. Holden

No. 20/1995: Why Fishing Fleets Tend to be "Too Big"?
T. Matthiasson

No. 19/1995: Efficient Environmental Taxation Under Worker-Firm Bargaining.
J. Strand

No. 18/1995: Bilateral Bargaining with Heterogeneous Labor and Turnover Costs.
J. Strand

No. 17/1995: Environmental Regulations and Manufacturing Employment: A Microeconoemtric Study on Norwegian Data.
R. Golombec and A. Raknerud

No. 16/1995: Leture Notes on Sustainability.
G. Heal

No. 15/1995: Lectures on Topology and Resources Allocation.
G. Chichilnisky

No. 14/1995: A Perfectly Discriminating Rent-Seeking Contest with Many Winners.
D.J. Clark and C. Riis

No. 13/1995: The Sub-Optimality of Refund Schemes.
C. Riis

No. 12/1995: Are Employment Policies Counterproductive when Wage Setting is Centralized.
A. Rodseth

No. 11/1995: The Structure of Intertemporal Models for Myopic Discrete Choice with Random Preferences.
J.K. Dagsvik

No. 10/1995: How Social Democracy Worked: Labour Market Institutions.
K.O. Moene and M. Wallerstein

No. 09/1995: Union Wage Effects; Does Membership Matter?
E. Barth, R. Naylor and O. Raaum

No. 04/1995: Wage-Price Inflation and the Open Economy Real-Wage Curve.
D. Kolsrud and R. Nymoen

No. 03/1995: Non-Discriminating Renogociation in a Competitive Insurance Market.
G.B. Asheim and T. Nilssen

No. 02/1995: Water on Fire: On the Interconnection of Hydro and Thermal Electric Systems.
N.H.M. von der Fehr and L. Sandsbraten

No. 01/1995: Wage Drift and the Irrelevance of Centralized Wage Setting.
S. Holden and T. Birkeland

1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
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