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Health Economics Research Programme, University of Oslo HERO On line Working Paper Series

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No. 2002:19: Fysioterapitjenesten i Asker og Bærum - Kvalitet, tilgjengelighet og effektivitet Full Text
Sverre A.C. Kittelsen and Erik H. Roseng

No. 2002:18: Hva betyr forskning, utdanning og reisetid for sykehusenes kostnader? Full Text
Sverre A.C. Kittelsen, Jon Magnussen and Fredrik Niclas Piro

No. 2002:17: The moral relevance of personal characteristics in setting health care priorities Full Text
Jan Abel Olsen, Jeff Ricardson, Paul Dolan and Paul Mentzel

No. 2002:16: An inquiry into the size of health charities: The case of Norwegian patient organisations Full Text
Jan Abel Olsen and Jan Inge Eidem

No. 2002:15: What is best and at what cost? Cross-national differences in the treatment of ageing-related diseases Norwegian perspective from a comparative OECD-project Full Text
Grete Botten and Terje P. Hagen

No. 2002:14: Beregning av tilgjengelighetsindeks til spesialisthelsetjenester på kommunenivå Full Text
Gry Stine Kopperud

No. 2002:13: Deductibles in Health Insurance: Pay or Pain? Full Text
Geir B. Asheim, Tore Nilssen and Anne Wenche Emblem

No. 2002:12: Statlige sykehus; Kan styrings-effektiviteten bedres? Full Text
Ståle Opedal and Inger Marie Stigen

No. 2002:11: Budget deficits as devices for appropriating extra funds: An investigation of sharing rules Full Text
Sverre Grepperud

No. 2002:10: Genetic testing and repulsion from chance Full Text
Michael Hoel, Tore Nilssen, Jon Vislie and Tor Iversen

No. 2002:9: The impact of accessibility on the use of specialist health care in Norway Full Text
Tor Iversen and Gry Stine Kopperud

No. 2002:8: The effect of activity-based financing on hospital efficiency: A panel data analysis of DEA efficiency scores 1992-2000 Full Text
Erik Biørn, Terje P. Hagen, Tor Iversen and Jon Magnussen

No. 2002:7: Reforming decentralized integrated health care systems: Theory and the case of the Norwegian reform Full Text
Kjeld Møller Pedersen

No. 2002:6: Bruk av paneldatametoder til å belyse allmennlegers henvisningsmønster Full Text
Hilde Lurås and Eline Aas

No. 2002:5: Sykehuslegenes holdninger til kjøp av helsetjenester i utlandet Full Text
Grete Botten, Sølve Mikal Nerland and Terje P. Hagen

No. 2002:4: Redistribution at the hospital Full Text
Anne Wenche Emblem

No. 2002:3: A cancer survival model that takes sociodemographic variations in 'normal' mortality into account: comparison with other models Full Text
Øystein Kravdal

No. 2002:2: Public- and private-good values of statistical lives Results from a combined choice-experiment and contingent-valuation survey Full Text
Jon Strand

No. 2002:1: De somatiske sykehusenes interne organisering En kartlegging av 58 somatiske sykehus i Norge, 1999 og 2001 Full Text
Lars Erik Kjekshus, Sølve Mikal Nerland, Grete Botten and Terje P. Hagen

1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
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