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No. 251: Understanding Psychological Competencies
Robert Demir

No. 250: Virtue as Competence in the Entrepreneurial Society Full Text
Nils Karlson and Elina Fergin

No. 249: The Swedish industrial relations transformation during the 1970s – abolishing neutrality and affecting the deep structure Full Text
Henrik Malm Lindberg

No. 248: The Economic Significance of Business Angels - Towards Comparable Indicators Full Text
Sofia Avdeitchikova and Hans Landström

No. 247: EU:s Janusansikte Full Text
Nils Karlson

No. 246: Corporate Governance Structures, Legal Origin and Firm Performance Full Text
David E Andersson, Martin Andersson, Per-Olof Bjuggren and Andreas Högberg

No. 245: The impact of entrepreneurship education in high school on long - term entrepreneurial performance Full Text
Niklas Elert, Fredrik Andersson and Karl Wennberg

No. 244: Internal Migration and Human Capital Theory: To What Extent Is It Selective Full Text
Martin Korpi and William Clark

No. 243: Strategic Activity as Bundled Affordances Full Text
Robert Demir

No. 242: Uncovering Recruitment as a Strategic Lever for Various Forms of Organizational Capital Full Text
Robert Demir, Jan Löwstedt and Janne Tienari

No. 241: The effect of decentralized wage bargaining on the structure of wages and firm performance Full Text
Hannes Andréasson

No. 240: Working paper No. 240 Bloc – party Politics and Economic Outcomes. What Are the Effects of Local Parties? Full Text
Erik Lakomaa and Martin Korpi

No. 239: A new perspective on the innovator’s dilemma Full Text
Henrik Berglund and Christian Sandström

No. 238: Pragmatic entrepreneurs and institutionalized scholars? - On the path-dependent nature of entrepreneurship scholarship Full Text
Karl Wennberg and Henrik Berglund

No. 237: How policy could handle workplace digitization Full Text
Karl Wennberg, Evelina Stadin and Andreas Bergström

No. 236: Entreprenörskap bland forskare – hur viktigt är det egentligen? Full Text
Karl Wennberg

No. 235: Exploring regional differences in the regional capacity to absorb displacements Full Text
Kristina Nyström and Ingrid Viklund Ros

No. 234: Capital Freedom, Financial Development and Provincial Economic Growth in China Full Text
Bengt Söderlund and Patrik Gustavsson Tingvall

No. 233: No. 233 Is China Different? A Meta-Analysis of the Growth-enhancing Effect from R&D Spending in China. Full Text
Christer Ljungwall and Patrik Gustavsson Tingvall

No. 232: Bank Financing of Start-ups – Findings from a survey Full Text
Per-Olof Bjuggren and Michel Elmoznino Laufer

No. 231: The Return to R&D and Seller-buyer Interactions: A Quantile Regression Approach Full Text
Hans Seerar Westerberg

No. 230: University Knowledge Spillovers & Regional Start-up Rates: Supply and Demand Side Factors Full Text
Karin Hellerstedt, Karl Wennberg and Lars Frederiksen

No. 229: Decentralized Regulation, Environmental Efficiency and Productivity Full Text
Vivek Ghosal, Andreas Stephan and Jan Weiss

No. 228: Entreprenörskap och ekonomisk tillväxt: En kritisk granskning Full Text
Frédéric Delmar and Karl Wennberg

No. 227: Does social distrust always lead to a stronger support for government intervention? Full Text
Hans Pitlik and Ludek Kouba

2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
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