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Department of Business and Economics, University of Southern Denmark Discussion Papers of Business and Economics
Department of Business and Economics, University of Southern Denmark

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No. 23/2014: Harmonization versus Mutual Recognition: Some pitfalls for the coordination of product standards under imperfect competition Full Text
Jan Guldager J°rgensen and Philipp J.H. Schr÷der

No. 22/2014: Welfare Egalitarianism with Other-Regarding Preferences Full Text
Rafael Treibich

No. 21/2014: Opportunistic Disclosure in the Inter-Organizational Relationships Full Text
Grete Oll

No. 20/2014: Multitasking and performance measurement Full Text
Niels Nannerup and Kasper Krogh Olsen

No. 19/2014: On Bargaining Sets of Convex NTU Games Full Text
Bezalel Peleg and Peter Sudh÷lter

No. 18/2014: On International Fisheries Agreements, Entry Deterrence and Ecological Uncertainty Full Text
Hans Ellefsen, Lone Gr°nbŠk Kronbak and Lars Ravn-Jonsen

No. 17/2014: Determinacy of Equilibrium in Outcome Game Forms Full Text
Cristian Litan, Francisco Marhuenda and Peter Sudh÷lter

No. 16/2014: Forvridningseffekter af jordbeskatning [Distortions from taxation of land] Full Text
Morten Skak

No. 15/2014: Discount rates, market frictions, and the mystery of the size premium Full Text
Thiago de Oliveira Souza

No. 14/2014: A Leverage-Based Measure of Financial Instability Full Text
Alexander Tepper and Karol Jan Borowiecki

No. 13/2014: The Drivers of Long-run CO2 Emissions: A Global Perspective since 1800 Full Text
Sofia Teives Henriques and Karol Jan Borowiecki

No. 12/2014: Strategic Behavior and Social Outcomes in a Bottleneck Queue: Experimental Evidence Full Text
Jesper Breinbjerg, Alexander Sebald and Lars Peter ěsterdal

No. 11/2014: It's A Sin - Contraceptive Use, Religious Beliefs, and Long-Run Economic Development Full Text
Klaus Prettner and Holger Strulik

No. 10/2014: Denmark's fixed exchange rate regime and the delayed recovery from the Global Financial Crisis: A comparative macroeconomic analysis Full Text
Thomas Barnebeck Andersen and Nikolaj Malchow-M°ller

No. 9/2014: The Danish Agricultural Revolution in an Energy Perspective: A Case of Development with Few Domestic Energy Sources Full Text
Sofia Teives Henriques and Paul Sharp

No. 8/2014: The positive core for games with precedence constraints Full Text
Michel Grabisch and Peter Sudh÷lter

No. 7/2014: Contraception and Development: A Unified Growth Theory Full Text
Holger Strulik

No. 6/2014: On the Core of Games with Communication Structures Full Text
M. Josune Albizuri and Peter Sudh÷lter

No. 5/2014: Strategy-proof package assignment Full Text
Albin Erlanson and Karol Szwagrzak

No. 4/2014: Strategy-proof market clearing mechanisms Full Text
Karol Szwagrzak

No. 3/2014: Is crime in Turkey economically rational? Full Text
J°rgen T. Lauridsen, Fatma Zeren and Ayse Ari

No. 2/2014: Ethnic Diversity and Firms' Export Behavior Full Text
Pierpaolo Parrotta, Dario Pozzoli and Davide Sala

No. 1/2014: Owning, letting and demanding second homes Full Text
Gintautas Bloze and Morten Skak

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
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