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Department of Economics, Uppsala University Working Paper Series, Department of Economics, Uppsala University

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No. 2003:29: Booms and Busts in EMU Full Text
Nils Gottfries

No. 2003:28: An Empirical Approach for Evaluating Soft Budget Constraints Full Text
Per Pettersson-Lidbom and Matz Dahlberg

No. 2003:27: The Relationship Between Skilled Labor and Technical Change Full Text
Eleni Savvidou

No. 2003:26: Does Free Trade Really Reduce Growth? Further Testing Using the Economic Freedom Index Full Text Published
Niclas Berggren and Henrik Jordahl

No. 2003:25: When Should an Incumbent Be Obliged to Share its Infrastructure with an Entrant Under the General Competition Rules? Full Text
Mats Bergman

No. 2003:24: On Household Wealth Trends in Sweden over the 1990s Full Text Published
N. Anders Klevmarken

No. 2003:23: A Description of Routes out of the Labor Force for Workers in Sweden Full Text
Daniel Hallberg

No. 2003:22: Does Tax Evation Affect Unemployment and Educational Choice? Full Text
Ann-Sofie Kolm and Birthe Larsen

No. 2003:21: Testing for Cointegration in Misspecified Systems –A Monte Carlo Study of Size Distortions Full Text Published
Pär Österholm

No. 2003:20: The Taylor Rule: A Spurious Regression? Full Text Published
Pär Österholm

No. 2003:19: Economic Effects of Taxing Different Organizational Forms under a Dual Income Tax Full Text Published
Tobias Lindhe, Jan Södersten and Ann Öberg

No. 2003:18: Social Interactions and Unemployment Full Text
Peter Hedström, Ann-Sofie Kolm and Yvonne Åberg

No. 2003:17: Optimal Unemployment Insurance Design:Time Limits, Monitoring, or Workfare? Full Text Published
Peter Fredriksson and Bertil Holmlund

No. 2003:16: Optimal Earnings-Related Unemployment Benefits Full Text
Mohammad Taslimi

No. 2003:15: Does Sick Absence Increase the Risk of Unemployment? Full Text Forthcoming
Patrik Hesselius

No. 2003:14: The Effects of Unemployment on Property Crime: Evidence from a Period of Unusually Large Swings in the Business Cycle Full Text Published
Karin Edmark

No. 2003:13: The Rise and Fall of Swedish Unemployment Full Text Published
Bertil Holmlund

No. 2003:12: Assessing Social Costs of Inefficient Procurement Design Full Text Forthcoming
Matias Eklöf

No. 2003:11: Cohort Effects on Earnings Profiles: Evidence from Sweden Full Text
Susanne Dahlberg and Ruth-Aïda Nahum

No. 2003:10: Improving Incentives in Unemployment Insurance: A Review of Recent Research Full Text Published
Peter Fredriksson and Bertil Holmlund

No. 2003:9: Relaxing the IIA Assumption in Locational Choice Models: A Comparison Between Conditional Logit, Mixed Logit, and Multinomial Probit Models Full Text
Matz Dahlberg and Matias Eklöf

No. 2003:8: The Effect of a Student Aid Reform on Graduation: A Duration Analysis Full Text
Iida Häkkinen and Roope Uusitalo

No. 2003:7: Age Related Optimal Income Taxation Full Text
Sören Blomquist and Luca Micheletto

No. 2003:6: An Econometric Analysis of the European Commission's Merger Decisions Full Text
Mats A. Bergman, Maria Jakobsson and Carlos Razo

No. 2003:5: Employment, Mobility, and Active Labor Market Programs Full Text
Peter Fredriksson and Per Johansson

No. 2003:4: Alternative Approaches to Model Withdrawals from the Labour Market – A Literature Review Full Text
Tuulia Hakola

No. 2003:3: Unemployment Benefits and Optimal Non-Linear Income Taxation Full Text
Per Engström

No. 2003:2: Does School Competition Matter? Effects of a Large-Scale School Choice Reform on Student Performance Full Text
Åsa Ahlin

No. 2003:1: Program Evaluation and Random Program Starts Full Text
Peter Fredriksson and Per Johansson

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