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Department of Economics, Uppsala University Working Paper Series, Department of Economics, Uppsala University

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No. 2005:23: Some Inequalities related to the analysis of electricity auctions Full Text Published
Peter Hästö and Pär Holmberg

No. 2005:22: Worker Absenteeism in Search Equilibrium Full Text Published
Per Engström and Bertil Holmlund

No. 2005:21: Entrepreneurship and Liquidity Constraints: Evidence from Sweden Full Text
Jenny Nykvist

No. 2005:20: Inequality and Crime: Separating the Effects of Permanent and Transitory Income Full Text Forthcoming
Matz Dahlberg and Magnus Gustavsson

No. 2005:19: The Q theory and the Swedish housing market –an empirical test Full Text
Lennart Berg and Tommy Berger

No. 2005:18: Real and Nominal Wage Adjustment in Open Economies Full Text Forthcoming
Anders Forslund, Nils Gottfries and Andreas Westermark

No. 2005:17: Comparing Supply Function Equilibria of Pay-as-Bid and Uniform-Price Auctions Full Text
Pär Holmberg

No. 2005:16: Asymmetric Supply Function Equilibrium with Constant Marginal Costs Full Text
Pär Holmberg

No. 2005:15: Do Benefit Hikes Damage Job Finding? Evidence from Swedish Unemployment Insurance Reforms Full Text Published
Helge Bennmarker, Kenneth Carling and Bertil Holmlund

No. 2005:14: Interest Rate Smoothing versus Serially Correlated Errors in Taylor Rules: Testing the Tests Full Text
Peter Welz and Pär Österholm

No. 2005:13: Winners and Losers from a Demographic Shock under Different Intergenerational Transfer Schemes Full Text
Jovan Zamac

No. 2005:12: Numerical Calculation of an Asymmetric Supply Function Equilibrium with Capacity Constraints Full Text
Pär Holmberg

No. 2005:11: Myopic Loss Aversion, the Equity Premium Puzzle, and GARCH Full Text
Martin Ågren

No. 2005:10: Exchange Rates and Asymmetric Shocks in Small Open Economies Full Text
Annika Alexius and Erik Post

No. 2005:9: Ethnic Enclaves and Welfare Cultures – Quasi-experimental Evidence Full Text
Olof Åslund and Peter Fredriksson

No. 2005:8: Income Inequality and Growth: A Panel Study of Swedish Counties 1960-2000 Full Text
Ruth-Aïda Nahum

No. 2005:7: Optimal Redistributive Taxation when Government’s and Agents’ Preferences Differ Full Text
Sören Blomquist and Luca Micheletto

No. 2005:6: Tax Avoidance and Intra-Family Transfers Full Text Published
Katarina Nordblom and Henry Ohlsson

No. 2005:5: Latent Variables in a Travel Mode Choice Model: Attitudinal and Behavioural Indicator Variables Full Text
Maria Vredin Johansson, Tobias Heldt and Per Johansson

No. 2005:4: Antidepressants and the Suicide Rate: Is There Really a Connection? Full Text
Matz Dahlberg and Douglas Lundin

No. 2005:3: Public Employment and the Double Role of Bureaucrats Full Text Published
Matz Dahlberg and Eva Mörk

No. 2005:2: Free to Trust? Economic Freedom and Social Capital Full Text Published
Niclas Berggren and Henrik Jordahl

No. 2005:1: Trust and Growth in the 1990s - A Robustness Analysis Full Text Published
Mikael Bengtsson, Niclas Berggren and Henrik Jordahl

1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
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