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Distributing Research on the Internet - Facilitating Scholarly Communication

Notes from a presentation at the Third Nordic Inter Library Loan Conference, Stockholm, November 8-10 1998.

Sune Karlsson, Stockholm School of Economics


  • Preprints play an important role in scholarly communication
  • Limited circulation and hard to find
  • RePEc and S-WoPEc one attempt to solve this problem

A publication lag of two years

  • Trivedi, P.K. (1993), "An analysis of publication lag in Econometrics," Journal of Applied Econometrics, 8, 93-100.
    • Median time to publication 16 - 30 months
    • Median time from acceptance to publication 6 - 11 months
    • Of the time to acceptance 70% is spent on review and 30% on revisions
  • Bradlow, E.T. and H. Wainer (1998), "Publication Delays in Statistics Journals," Chance, 11, 42-45.
    • Median time to publication 15 - 30 months
    • Average time from acceptance to publication 5 - 14 months

Grey literature

  • Working papers, technical reports, manuscripts with limited distribution
  • A majority of the researchers are marginalized


  • Journals are still indispensable
  • Inter library loans an important resource


  • Locating the state of the art
    Difficult for
    • Researchers at small institutions
    • Young researchers
  • Global and immediate access to research results
    • Commercial services, publishers etc.
    • Published material


  • Distribution of preprints through the researchers home page
  • Disorganized
  • Internet search engines not good enough


S-WoPEc & S-WoBA

  • Swedish Working Papers in Economics
  • Swedish Working Papers in Business Administration


  • Grey literature important
  • Access to the most recent research
  • Increased exposure for Swedish research


  • One-stop access to Swedish research
  • Support to Swedish research organizations
  • Complements and enhances other resources
  • International distribution through RePEc

Giving exposure to Swedish research

  • To be published is not sufficient
  • Distribution and exposure prior to publication is necessary in order to influence current research


  • One-stop access to Swedish research in Economics and Business Administration
  • 10 working paper series
  • 438 papers, 290 i full text
  • 4925 abstracts accesses/month
  • 2534 full text files downloaded/month (October 1998)
  • Support for making working papers available on the Internet
  • Form based and simple input of data
  • Assistance with converting word processing documents to pdf and Postscript

Research Papers in Economics

  • A protocol for making research information available on the Internet
  • Started by the English WoPEc, Dutch Degree and S-WoPEc projects
  • 54 archives, 851 series, 61889 working papers, 9722 with full text files (October 1998)
  • Search engines
  • Current Awareness

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