Scandinavian Working Papers in Economics

Knut Wicksell Working Paper Series,
Lund University, Knut Wicksell Centre for Financial Studies

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No 2013/17: A Wall of Cash: The Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivity When Capital Becomes Abundant
Håkan Jankensgård and Niclas Andrén

No 2013/16: Predicting Stock Price Volatility by Analyzing Semantic Content in Media
Hossein Asgharian and Sverker Sikström

No 2013/15: Growth Forecasts, Belief Manipulation and Capital Markets
Frederik Lundtofte and Patrick Leoni

No 2013/14: Foreign Institutional Investors and Stock Market Liquidity in China: State Ownership, Trading Activity and Information Asymmetry
Mingfa Ding, Birger Nilsson and Sandy Suardi

No 2013/13: Suppliers, Investors, and Equity Market Liberalizations
Martin Strieborny

No 2013/12: Financial Development and Sustainable Exports: Evidence from Firm-Product Data
Melise Jaud, Madina Kukenova and Martin Strieborny

No 2013/11: Finance, Comparative Advantage, and Resource Allocation
Melise Jaud, Madina Kukenova and Martin Strieborny

No 2013/10: Investment in Relationship-Specific Assets: Does Finance Matter?
Martin Strieborny and Madina Kukenova

No 2013/9: Ohlin on the Great Depression
Benny Carlson and Lars Jonung

No 2013/8: Ethnic Matching in the U.S. Venture Capital Market
Ola Bengtsson and David H. Hsu

No 2013/7: Financial Contracts in PIPE Offerings: The Role of Expert Placement Agents
Ola Bengtsson and Na Dai

No 2013/6: An Empirical Test of the Optimal Disclosure Hypothesis
Håkan Jankensgård

No 2013/5: Does Centralization of FX Derivative Usage Impact Firm Value?
Håkan Jankensgård

No 2013/4: Importance of the macroeconomic variables for variance prediction A GARCH-MIDAS approach
Hossein Asgharian, Ai Jun Hou and Farrukh Javed

No 2013/3: A spatial analysis of international stock market linkages
Hossein Asgharian, Wolfgang Hess and Lu Liu

No 2013/2: Is Default Risk Priced in Equity Returns?
Caren Yinxia G. Nielsen

No 2013/1: Entrepeneurs under Uncertainty: an Economic Experiment in China
Håkan J. Holm, Sonja Opper and Victor Nee

2013 2014 2015 2016
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