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No 2010:13: Neighborhood and Friendship Composition in Adolescence
Christofer Edling and Jens Rydgren

No 2010:12: Inter- and Intra-Marriage Premiums Revisited: It’s probably who you are, not who you marry!
Lena Nekby

No 2010:11: National Identity and Support for the Welfare State
Richard Johnston, Keith Banting, Will Kymlicka and Stuart Soroka

No 2010:10: Intergenerational Transmission of Education among Immigrant Mothers and their Daughters in Sweden
Susan Niknami

No 2010:9: The "Negative" Assimilation of Immigrants: A Special Case
Barry R. Chiswick and Paul W. Miller

No 2010:8: Ethnic Intermarriage among Immigrants: Human Capital and Assortative Mating
Barry R. Chiswick and Christina A. Houseworth

No 2010:7: Educational Mismatch: Are High-Skilled Immigrants Really Working at High-Skilled Jobs and the Price They Pay if They Aren’t?
Barry R. Chiswick and Paul W. Miller

No 2010:6: 'Neighbourhood Effects' and 'City Effects': Immigrants' Transition to Employment in Swedish Large City-Regions
Charlotta Hedberg and Tiit Tammaru

No 2010:5: Turkish Associations in Metropolitan Stockholm: Organizational Differentiation and Socio-Political Participation of Turkish Immigrants
Yasemin Akis and Mahir Kalaylioglu

No 2010:4: Same, Same but (Initially) Different? The Social Integration of Natives and Immigrants in Sweden
Lena Nekby

No 2010:3: The impact of immigration on election outcomes in Danish municipalities
Christer Gerdes and Eskil Wadensjö

No 2010:2: Unpacking the Causes of Ethnic Segregation across Workplaces
Magnus Bygren

No 2010:1: Does Immigration Induce ‘Native Flight’ from Public Schools? Evidence from a large scale voucher program
Christer Gerdes

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