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IFAU - Institute for Evaluation of Labour Market and Education Policy Working Paper Series
IFAU - Institute for Evaluation of Labour Market and Education Policy
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No. 2017:21: Discretizing Unobserved Heterogeneity Full Text
Stéphane Bonhomme, Thibaut Lamadon and Elena Manresa

No. 2017:20: The Effects of Fluoride in the Drinking Water Full Text
Linuz Aggeborn and Mattias Öhman

No. 2017:19: Auditing mothers: The effect of targeted alcohol prevention on infant Health and maternal behavior Full Text
Erik Grönqvist, Anna Norén, Anna Sjögren and Helena Svaleryd

No. 2017:18: Organized interests and foreign-educated professionals: The case of the associations for physicians and nurses in Sweden Full Text
Olle Jansson

No. 2017:17: The recent rise of labor force participation of older workers in Sweden Full Text
Lisa Laun and Mårten Palme

No. 2017:16: Birth Order and Child Health Full Text
Evelina Björkegren and Helena Svaleryd

No. 2017:15: Labour market entry of non-Labour migrants – Swedish evidence Full Text
Olof Åslund, Anders Forslund and Linus Liljeberg

No. 2017:14: Tipping and the effects of segregation Full Text
Anders Böhlmark and Alexander Willén

No. 2017:13: The effect of fertility timing on labor market work duration Full Text
Nikolay Angelov, Per Johansson and Myoung-jae Lee

No. 2017:12: Can increased education help reduce the political opportunity gap? Full Text
Karl-Oskar Lindgren, Sven Oskarsson and Mikael Persson

No. 2017:11: The causal impact of social Connections on firms' outcomes Full Text
Marcus Eliason, Lena Hensvik, Francis Kramarz and Oskar Nordström Skans

No. 2017:10: Income shifting as income creation? The intensive vs. the extensive shifting margins Full Text
Håkan Selin and Laurent Simula

No. 2017:9: Top earners: cross-country facts Full Text
Alejandro Badel, Moira Daly, Mark Huggett and Martin Nybom

No. 2017:8: The effect of age and gender on labor demand – evidence from a field experiment Full Text
Magnus Carlsson and Stefan Eriksson

No. 2017:7: The impact of participation in job Creation schemes in turbulent times Full Text
Annette Bergemann, Laura Pohlan and Arne Uhlendorff

No. 2017:6: Does grade configuration matter for school performance? Short- and long-run effects of school reorganisation Full Text
Helena Holmlund and Anders Böhlmark

No. 2017:5: The gender gap in early career wage growth: the role of Children, job mobility and occupational mobility Full Text
Abdulaziz Abrar Reshid

No. 2017:4: Early lead exposure and outcomes in adulthood Full Text
Hans Grönqvist, J Peter Nilsson and Per-Olof Robling

No. 2017:3: Grand advantage: family wealth and grandchildren's educational achievement in Sweden Full Text Published
Martin Hällsten and Fabian T. Pfeffer

No. 2017:2: Connecting the Young: high school graduates' matching to first jobs in booms and great recessions Full Text
Lena Hensvik, Dagmar Müller and Oskar Nordström Skans

No. 2017:1: The role of sickness in the evaluation of job search assistance and sanctions Full Text
Gerard J. van den Berg, Barbara Hofmann and Arne Uhlendorff

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