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No 10-22: Migration Regulation Contagion
Herbert Brücker and Philipp J.H. Schröder

No 10-21: Foreign Acquisition, Wages and Productivity
Roger Bandick

No 10-20: Are Debt Repayment Incentives Undermined by Foreign Aid?
Christian Bjørnskov and Philipp J.H. Schröder

No 10-19: The Political Economy of Carbon Securities and Environmental Policy
Sarah Polborn

No 10-18: New Evidence on the Causes of Educational Homogamy
Gustaf Bruze

No 10-17: Male and Female Marriage Returns to Schooling
Gustaf Bruze

No 10-16: Wages or Fringes? Some Evidence on Trade-offs and Sorting
Tor Eriksson and Nicolai Kristensen

No 10-15: The Nexus between Labor Diversity and Firm´s Innovation
Pierpaolo Parrotta, Dario Pozzoli and Mariola Pytlikova

No 10-14: The Role of Family Background for Earnings in Rural China
Tor Eriksson and Yingqiang Zhang

No 10-13: Learning by Exporting, Importing or Both? Estimating productivity with multi-product firms, pricing heterogeneity and the role of international trade
Valérie Smeets and Frédéric Warzynski

No 10-12: Does Labor Diversity Affect Firm Productivity?
Pierpaolo Parrotta, Dario Pozzoli and Mariola Pytlikova

No 10-11: Foreign acquisitions, domestic multinationals, and R&D
Roger Bandick, Holger Görg and Patrik Karpaty

No 10-10: Entrepreneurship and the Discipline of External Finance
Ramana Nanda

No 10-9: Alcohol consumption and liver cirrhosis mortality: New evidence from a panel data analysis for sixteen European countries
Jan Bentzen and Valdemar Smith

No 10-8: Respect as an Incentive
Tor Eriksson and Marie Claire Villeval

No 10-7: Milestones of European Integration: Which matters most for Export Openness?
Sanne Hiller and Robinson Kruse

No 10-6: Looking Beyond the Bridge: How Temporary Agency Employment Affects Labor Market Outcomes
Elke J. Jahn and Michael Rosholm

No 10-5: The effect of cigarette and alcohol consumption on birth outcomes
Miriam Wüst

No 10-4: Work Hours, Social Value of Leisure and Globalisation
Jørgen Drud Hansen, Hassan Molana, Catia Montagna and Jørgen Ulff-Møller Nielsen

No 10-3: Medium-term consequences of low birth weight on health and behavioral deficits – is there a catch-up effect?
Nabanita Datta Gupta, Mette Deding and Mette Lausten

No 10-2: Stars War in French Gastronomy: Prestige of Restaurants and Chefs’ Careers
Olivier Gergaud, Valérie Smeets and Frédéric Warzynski

No 10-1: Price Sensitivity of Demand for Prescription Drugs: Exploiting a Regression Kink Design
Marianne Simonsen, Lars Skipper and Niels Skipper

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
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