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No 2016/23: Teams in Relational Contracts
Ola Kvaløy and Trond E. Olsen

No 2016/22: Non-parametric estimation of conditional densities: A new method
Håkon Otneim and Dag Tjøstheim

No 2016/21: Batteries in Offshore Support vessels - Pollution, climate impact and economics
Haakon Elizabeth Lindstad, Gunnar S. Eskeland and Agathe Rialland

No 2016/20: A bridge between continuous and discrete-time bioeconomic models: Seasonality in fisheries
Sturla F. Kvamsdal, José M. Maroto, Manuel Morán and Leif K. Sandal

No 2016/19: A Bellman approach to periodic optimization problems
Sturla F. Kvamsdal, José M. Maroto, Manuel Morán and Leif K. Sandal

No 2016/18: Electricity Prices, Large-Scale Renewable Integration, and Policy Implications
Evangelos Kyritsis, Jonas Andersson and Apostolos Serletis

No 2016/17: The Impact of Bunker Risk Management on CO2 Emissions in Maritime Transportation Under ECA Regulation
Yewen Gu, Stein W. Wallace and Xin Wang

No 2016/16: Taxing Royalty Payments
Steffen Juranek, Dirk Schindler and Guttorm Schjelderup

No 2016/15: Pricing wind: A revenue adequate, cost recovering uniform price for electricity markets with intermittent generation
Golbon Zakeri, Geoff Pritchard, Mette Bjørndal and Endre Bjørndal

No 2016/14: Greening the Vehicle Fleet: Evidence from Norway’s CO2 Differentiated Registration Tax
Shiyu Yan and Gunnar S. Eskeland

No 2016/13: Integrated maritime bunker management with stochastic fuel prices and new emission regulations
Yewen Gu, Stein W. Wallace and Xin Wang

No 2016/12: Congestion Management in a Stochastic Dispatch Model for Electricity Markets
Endre Bjørndal, Mette Bjørndal, Kjetil Midthun and Golbon Zakeri

No 2016/11: Stochastic Electricity Dispatch: A challenge for market design
Endre Bjørndal, Mette Bjørndal, Kjetil Midthun and Asgeir Tomasgard

No 2016/10: Sequential Investment in Emerging Technologies under Policy Uncertainty
Lars Hegnes Sendstad and Michail Chronopoulos

No 2016/9: Optimal fishing mortalities with age-structured bioeconomic model - a case of NEA mackerel
Yuanming Ni and Stein I. Steinshamn

No 2016/8: Insider trading with non-fiduciary market makers
Knut K. Aase and Frøystein Gjesdal

No 2016/7: Specification of merger gains in the Norwegian electricity distribution industry
Antti Saastamoinen, Endre Bjørndal and Mette Bjørndal

No 2016/6: Channel Coordination in a Multi-period Newsvendor Model with Dynamic, Price-dependent Stochastic Demand
Reza Azad Gholami, Leif K. Sandal and Jan Ubøe

No 2016/5: Precautionary Storage in Electricity Markets
Tunç Durmaz

No 2016/4: Finding the Right Yardstick: Regulation under Heterogeneous Environments
Endre Bjørndal, Mette Bjørndal, Astrid Cullmann and Maria Nieswand

No 2016/3: Log-normal creaming and the likelihood of discovering additional giant petroleum fields
Jostein Lillestøl and Richard Sinding-Larsen

No 2016/2: Weibull Wind Worth: Wait and Watch?
Jostein Lillestøl

No 2016/1: The Method of Leader’s Overthrow in Networks
Ivan Belik and Kurt Jörnsten

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