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No 2010:17: Part-time Sick Leave as a Treatment for Individuals with Mental Disorders?
Daniela Andrén

No 2010:16: Willingness to Pay to Reduce School Bullying
Mattias Persson and Mikael Svensson

No 2010:14: The Economic Value of Preventing Fatalities: Recent evidence on the value of a statistical life in Sweden
Lars Hultkrantz and Mikael Svensson

No 2010:13: Favourable cost-benefit in an early defibrillation program using dual dispatch of ambulance and fire services in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
Björn Sund, Leif Svensson, Mårten Rosenqvist and Jacob Hollenberg

No 2010:12: Jobs and Exposure to International Trade within the Service Sector in Sweden
Kent Eliasson, Pär Hansson and Markus Lindvert

No 2010:11: Sickness Absence and Local Cultures
Kristin Ekblad and Mattias Bokenblom

No 2010:10: Working Conditions, Absence and Gender - a Multilevel Study
Mattias Bokenblom and Kristin Ekblad

No 2010:9: Poverty Impact of Rising Maize Prices in Kenya
Jörgen Levin

No 2010:8: "Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop": Waiting for Health Care and Duration of Sick Leave
Daniela Andrén and David Granlund

No 2010:7: Evidence of Class-size Effects on Bullying in Swedish Schools
Mattias Persson and Mikael Svensson

No 2010:6: SAINT – a Standardized CGE-model for Analysis of Indirect Taxation
Lars Bohlin

No 2010:5: Taxing Intermediate Goods to Compensate for Distorting Taxes on Household Consumption
Lars Bohlin

No 2010:4: The value of a statistical life for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims
Björn Sund

No 2010:3: "Servicification of Manufacturing - Evidence from Swedish Firm and Enterprise Group Level Data"
Magnus Lodefalk

No 2010:2: Scale sensitivity and question order in the contingent valuation method
Henrik Andersson and Mikael Svensson

No 2010:1: "In every rank, or great or small, ’Tis industry supports us all": Romanians and ethnic Hungarians, and their wages, in transition
Daniela Andrén

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
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