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No 2015/20: Skill Relatedness in Norway by Bram Timmermans and Rune Dahl Fitjar
Bram Timmermans and Rune Dahl Fitjar

No 2015/19: The Value Relevance of Accounting Figures in the Oil & Gas Industry: Cash Flow or Accruals?
Bård Misund and Petter Osmundsen

No 2015/18: Who's a major? A novel approach to peer group selection: Empirical evidence from oil and gas companies
Frank Asche and Bard Misund

No 2015/17: Probable Oil and Gas Reserves and Shareholder Returns: The Impact of Shale Gas
Bård Misund and Petter Osmundsen

No 2015/16: The Spot-Forward Relationship in the Atlantic Salmon Market
Frank Asche, Bard Misund and Atle Oglend

No 2015/15: Accounting for Oil and Gas Exploration Activities: A Triumph of Economics over Politics
Bård Misund

No 2015/14: Vertical Integration and Value Relevance: Empirical Evidence from Oil and Gas Producers
Bård Misund

No 2015/13: Production Risk and the Futures Price Risk Premium?
Frank Asche, Bard Misund and Atle Oglend

No 2015/12: Hedging Efficiency of Atlantic Salmon Futures
Frank Asche and Bard Misund

No 2015/11: Reserves Replacement and Oil and Gas Company Shareholder returns
Bård Misund

No 2015/10: Supply and Demand Determinants of Natural Gas Price Volatility in the U.K.: A Vector Autoregression Approach
Bård Misund and Atle Oglend

No 2015/9: Financial Ratios and Prediction on Corporate Bankruptcy in the Atlantic Salmon Industry
Bård Misund

No 2015/8: Metoder for evaluering av aktiv fondsforvaltning
B Espen Eckbo and Bernt Arne Odegaard

No 2015/7: A Game-Theoretic Model with Empirics of Economic Crises
Jonathan William Welburn and Kjell Hausken

No 2015/6: Policy-Makers, the International Community and People Living with HIV: The Need for New Commitment Mechanisms
Kjell Hausken and Mthuli Ncube

No 2015/5: Trade with Endogenous Transportation Costs: The Value of LNG Exports
Atle Øglend, Petter Osmundsen and Tore Selland Kleppe

No 2015/4: Modeling UK Natural Gas Prices when Gas Prices Periodically Decouple from the Oil Price
Frank Asche, Petter Osmundsen and Atle Oglend

No 2015/3: Empirics of the Oslo Stock Exchange. Basic, descriptive, results 1980-2014
Bernt Arne Odegaard

No 2015/2: Resource revenue management and wealth neutrality
Klaus Mohn

No 2015/1: 2015/01 No guts, no glory: An experiment on excessive risk-taking by Kristoffer W. Eriksen and Ola Kvaløy
Kristoffer W Eriksen and Ola Kvaløy

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