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No 2014/23: A Game Theoretic Model of Economic Crises
Jonathan Welburn and Kjell Hausken

No 2014/22: Game-Theoretic Perspectives on Financial Crises
Jonathan Welburn and Kjell Hausken

No 2014/21: Risk-taking with Other People’s Money
Ola Kvaløy, Kristoffer Eriksen and Miguel Luzuriaga

No 2014/20: Ressursrikdom og Rikardiansk ekvivalens
Klaus Mohn

No 2014/19: Estimating fluctuations in oil and gas investment
Roy A Dahl and Petter Osmundsen

No 2014/18: Vertical Integration and Valuation of International Oil Companies
Bard Misund, Petter Osmundsen and Marius Sikveland

No 2014/17: Petroleum taxation and investment behaviour
Petter Osmundsen, Magne Emhjellen, Thore Johnsen, Alexander Kemp and Christian Riis

No 2014/16: Capital Adequacy and Liquidity in Banking Dynamics: Theory and Regulatory Implications
Jin Cao and Loran Chollete

No 2014/15: Extreme Events and the Origin of Central Bank Priors
Loran Chollete and David Schmeidler

No 2014/14: Demand-Theoretic Approach to Choice of Priors,
Loran Chollete and David Schmeidler

No 2014/13: Misspecification Aversion and Selection of Initial Priors
Lor Chollete and David Schmeidler

No 2014/12: Dependence between Extreme Events in the Real and Financial Sectors
Loran Chollete, Iuliana Ismailescu and Ching-Chih Lu

No 2014/11: Does Executive Compensation Reflect Default Risk?
Loran C, Espen Eckbo and Ching-Chih Lu

No 2014/10: Spurious Dependence
Loran Chollete, Victor de la Pena and Johan Segers

No 2014/9: Innovation in the supply and procurement of rig services
Petter Osmundsen

No 2014/8: CCS - Failing to pass decision gates
Magne Emhjellen and Petter Osmundsen

No 2014/7: Rig services and taxation
Petter Osmundsen

No 2014/6: A trust game in loss domain.
Ola Kvaløy and Miguel Luzuriaga

No 2014/5: Kva skjer med oljeinvesteringane?
Klaus Mohn

No 2014/4: Exploration Risk in Oil & Gas Shareholder Returns
Bard Misund and Klaus Mohn

No 2014/3: Throttling hyperactive robots - Message to trade ratios at the Oslo Stock Exchange
Kjell Jørgensen, Johannes Atle Skjeltorp and Bernt Arne Ødegaard

No 2014/2: You always meet twice: An experiment on intrinsic versus instrumental reciprocity
Åshild A Johnsen and Ola Kvaløy

No 2014/1: Empirics of the Oslo Stock Exchange. Basic, descriptive, results 1980-2013
Bernt Arne Odegaard

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