Scandinavian Working Papers in Economics

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No 2007:15: On curve estimation under order restrictions
Kjell Pettersson

No 2007:14: Unimodal regression in the two-parameter exponential family with constant or known dispersion parameter
Kjell Pettersson

No 2007:13: Semiparametric estimation of outbreak regression
Marianne Frisén, Eva Andersson and Kjell Pettersson

No 2007:12: Robust outbreak surveillance of epidemics in Sweden
Marianne Frisén, Eva Andersson and Linus Schiöler

No 2007:11: Semiparametric surveillance of outbreaks
Marianne Frisén and Eva Andersson

No 2007:10: Explorative analysis of spatial aspects on the Swedish influenza data
David Bock and Kjell Pettersson

No 2007:9: Evaluations of likelihood based surveillance of volatility
David Bock

No 2007:8: Similarities and differences between statistical surveillance and certain decision rules in finance
David Bock, Eva Andersson and Marianne Frisén

No 2007:7: Predictions by early indicators of the time and height of yearly influenza outbreaks in Sweden
Eva Andersson, Sharon Kühlmann-Berenzon, Annika Linde, Linus Schiöler, Sandra Rubinova and Marianne Frisén

No 2007:6: Statistical Surveillance of Epidemics: Peak Detection of Influenza in Sweden
David Bock, Eva Andersson and Marianne Frisén

No 2007:5: Modeling influenza incidence for the purpose of on-line monitoring
Eva Andersson, David Bock and Marianne Frisén

No 2007:4: Principles for Multivariate Surveillance
Marianne Frisén

No 2007:3: Consequences of using the probability of a false alarm as the false alarm measure
David Bock

No 2007:2: Optimal Sequential Surveillance for Finance, Public Health, and Other Areas
Marianne Frisén

No 2007:1: Effect of dependency in systems for multivariate surveillance
Eva Andersson

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
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