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No 15/13: The Roles of Land Tenure Reforms and Land Markets in the Context of Population Growth and Land Use Intensification in Africa
Stein Holden and Keijiro Otsuka

No 14/13: Joint Land Certification and Intra-household Decision-making:Towards Empowerment of Wives?
Stein Holden and Sosina Bezu

No 13/13: Local ideas about rights of common in the context of a historical transformation from commons to private property
Erling Berge and Anne Sigrid Haugset

No 12/13: Can area measurement error explain the inverse farm size productivity relationship?
Stein Holden and Monica Fisher

No 11/13: Land Access and Youth Livelihood Opportunities in Southern Ethiopia
Stein Holden and Sosina Bezu

No 10/13: Allmenningsrett og naturvern i Skjåk kommune
Mari Reiten

No 9/13: Lineage and Land Reforms in Malawi: Do Matrilineal and Patrilineal Landholding Systems Represent a Problem for Land Reforms in Malawi?
Erling Berge, Daimon Kambewa, Alister Munthali and Henrik Wiig

No 8/13: High discount rates: - An artifact caused by poorly framed experiments or a result of people being poor and vulnerable?
Stein Holden

No 7/13: Input subsidies and improved maize varieties in Malawi: -What can we learn from the impacts in a drought year?
Stein Holden and Julius Mangisoni

No 6/13: Input subsidies and demand for improved maize: Relative prices and household heterogeneity matter!
Stein Holden

No 5/13: Land tenure in Tigray: How large is the gender bias?
Therere Dokken

No 4/13: Amazing maize in Malawi: Input subsidies, factor productivity and land use intensification
Stein Holden

No 3/13: Unbundling Land Administrative Reform: Demand for Second Stage Land Certification in Ethiopia
Sosina Bezu and Stein Holden

No 2/13: Links between Tenure Security and Food Security: Evidence from Ethiopia
Hosaena Ghebru and Stein Holden

No 1/13: Generosity and social distance in dictator game field experiments with and without a face
Sosina Bezu and Stein T. Holden

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
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