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No 13/14: Tools, Fertilizer or Cash? Exchange Asymmetries in Productive Assets
Stein Holden and Sosina Bezu

No 12/14: Land Valuation and Perceptions of Land Sales Prohibition in Ethiopia
Stein Holden and Sosina Bezu

No 11/14: Activity Choice in Rural Non-farm Employment (RNFE): Survival versus accumulative strategy
Sosina Bezu, Christopher B. Barrett and Stein Holden

No 10/14: Risky Choices of Poor People: Comparing Risk Preference Elicitation Approaches in Field Experiments
Stein Holden

No 9/14: Eindomsrettigheter og jordleie i Rissa gjennom 900 år
Stein Holden

No 8/14: How Does Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Program Affect Livestock Accumulation and Children’s Education?
Bethelhem Legesse Debela and Stein Holden

No 7/14: Economy-wide effects of input subsidies in Malawi: Market imperfections and household heterogeneity
Sofie Waage Skjeflo and Stein Holden

No 6/14: Joint Land Certification, Gendered Preferences, and Land-related Decisions: Are Wives Getting More Involved?
Stein Holden and Sosina Bezu

No 5/14: Agricultural Household Models for Malawi:Household Heterogeneity, Market Characteristics, Agricultural Productivity, Input Subsidies, and Price Shocks. A Baseline Report
Stein Holden

No 4/14: Learning the hard way? Adapting to climate risk in Tanzania
Sofie Waage Skjeflo and Nina Bruvik Westberg

No 3/14: Are Wives less Selfish than their Husbands? Evidence from Hawk-Dove Game Field Experiments
Stein Holden and Sosina Bezu

No 2/14: Explaining anomalies in intertemporal choice: A mental zooming theory
Stein Holden

No 1/14: Does Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Program Improve Child Nutrition?
Bethelhem Legesse Debela, Gerald Shively and Stein Holden

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
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