Scandinavian Working Papers in Economics

SIFR Research Report Series,
Institute for Financial Research

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No 33: On the Strategic Use of Debt and Capacity in Imperfectly Competitive Product Markets
J. Chris Leach, Nathalie Moyen and Jing Yang

No 32: The Determinants of Credit Default Swap Premia
Jan Ericsson, Kris Jacobs and Rodolfo Oviedo-Helfenberger

No 31: Dynamic Trading Strategies and Portfolio Choice
Ravi Bansal, Magnus Dahlquist and Campbell R. Harvey

No 30: Bank Integration and State Business Cycles
Donald Morgan, Bertrand Rime and Philip E. Strahan

No 29: Advice and Monitoring: Venture Financing with Multiple Tasks
Ibolya Schindele

No 28: How Do Legal Differences and Learning Affect Financial Contracts?
Steven N. Kaplan, Frederic Martel and Per Strömberg

No 27: The Credit Cycle and the Business Cycle: New Findings Using the Loan Officer Opinion Survey
Cara Lown and Donald P. Morgan

No 26: The Evolution of Security Designs
Thomas H. Noe, Michael J. Rebello and Jun Wang

No 25: All Guts, No Glory: Trading and Diversification among Online Investors
Anders E.S. Anderson

No 24: Pseudo Market Timing: Fact or Fiction?
Magnus Dahlquist and Frank de Jong

No 23: Privatization and Stock Market Liquidity
Bernardo Bortolotti, Frank de Jong, Giovanna Nicodano and Ibolya Schindele

No 22: The Market Pricing of Accruals Quality
Jennifer Francis, Ryan LaFond, Per Olsson and Katherine Schipper

No 21: Hedging, Familiarity and Portfolio Choice
Massimo Massa and Andrei Simonov

No 20: One for the Gain, Three for the Loss
Anders E. S. Anderson

2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
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