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No 799: Outsourcing, Public Input Provision and Policy Cooperation
Thomas Aronsson and Erkki Koskela

No 798: Spatial Interaction and Local Government Expenditures for Functionally Impaired in Sweden
Lena Birkelöf

No 797: Do Local Public Expenditures on Functionally Impaired Crowd Out Other Local Public Expenditures?
Lena Birkelöf

No 796: Intergovernmental Grants and Local Public Expenditure: Spending Decisions and Information Spillover Effects
Lena Birkelöf

No 795: Twice Chosen: Spouse Matching and Earnings Among Women in First and Second Marriages
Johanna Åström, Robert A. Nakosteen, Olle Westerlund and Michael A. Zimmer

No 794: Damned if you do, Damned if you don't – Reduced Climate Impact vs. Sustainable Forests in Sweden
Erik Geijer, Göran Bostedt and Runar Brännlund

No 793: Do Firms Learn by Exporting or Learn to Export? Evidence from Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Swedish Manufacturing
Kent Eliasson, Pär Hansson and Markus Lindvert

No 792: Two Essays on Central Bank Independence Reforms
Mats Landström

No 791: Do Central Bank Independence Reforms Matter for Inflation Performance?
Mats Landström

No 790: Marriage, Money and Migration
Johanna Åström

No 789: The Effects of Assortative Mating on Earnings: Human Capital Spillover or Specialization?
Johanna Åström

No 788: The Effects of Spousal Education on Individual Earnings – A Study of Married Swedish Couples
Johanna Åström

No 787: Sex and Migration: Who is the Tied Mover?
Johanna Åström and Olle Westerlund

No 786: Electoral accountability in a country with two-tiered government
David Granlund

No 785: Optimal Taxation and Environmental Policy in a Decentralized Economic Federation with Environmental and Labor Market Externalities
Tomas Sjögren

No 784: Optimal Income Taxation, Outsourcing and Policy Cooperation in a Dynamic Economy
Thomas Aronsson and Erkki Koskela

No 783: Essays on Child Care and Higher Education
Linda Holmlund

No 782: Earnings Differences Between Transfer and Non-transfer Students
Linda Holmlund and Håkan Regnér

No 781: The Effect of College Quality on Earnings Evidence from Sweden
Linda Holmlund

No 780: Assessing the Effects of the Child-Care Fee Reform on Public Expenditures and Taxation
Niklas Hanes, Linda Holmlund and Magnus Wikström

No 779: Genuine Saving under Stochastic Growth
Chuan-Zhong Li and Karl-Gustaf Löfgren

No 778: Quasi-Hyperbolic Discounting and Mixed Taxation
Thomas Aronsson and Tomas Sjögren

No 777: Price and welfare effects of a pharmaceutical substitution reform
David Granlund

No 776: Do Combinatorial Procurement Auctions Lower Cost? - An Empirical Analysis of Public Procurement of Multiple Contracts
Anders Lunander and Sofia Lundberg

No 775: Assessment of Green Public Procurement as a Policy Tool: Cost-efficiency and Competition Considerations
Runar Brännlund, Sofia Lundberg and Per-Olov Marklund

No 774: Conspicuous Leisure: Optimal Income Taxation when both Relative Consumption and Relative Leisure Matter
Thomas Aronsson and Olof Johansson-Stenman

No 773: Welfare Measurement and Public Goods in a Second Best Economy
Thomas Aronsson

No 771: Workplace Safety: Estimating Workers' Marginal Willingness to Pay
Anna Norin

No 770: On risk prediction
Carl Lönnbark

No 769: Value at Risk for Large Portfolios
Carl Lönnbark, Ulf Holmberg and Kurt Brännäs

No 768: Uncertainty of Multiple Period Risk Measures
Carl Lönnbark

No 767: Climate Policy Measures: What do people prefer ?
Scott Cole and Runar Brännlund

No 766: Environmental policy without costs? A review of the Porter hypothesis
Runar Brännlund and Tommy Lundgren

No 765: Risky Sex in a Risky World: Sexual behavior in a HIV/AIDS environment
Andrea Mannberg

No 764: Did Pressler Understand how to Use the Indicator Per Cent
Peichen Gong and Karl-Gustaf Löfgren

No 763: Municipal preferences for state imposed amalgamations: An empirical study based on the 1952 municipal reform in Sweden
Niklas Hanes, Magnus Wikström and Erik Wångmar

No 762: Essays on Environmental and Development Economics - Public Policy, Resource Prices and Global Warming
Linda Sahlén

No 761: Profitability of Technical Trading Rules on the Baltic Stock Markets
Carl Lönnbark and Albina Soultanaeva

1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
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