Scandinavian Working Papers in Economics

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Uppsala University, Department of Economics

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No 2010:15: Do voters vote in line with their policy preferences? The role of information
Mattias Nordin

No 2010:14: Public Provision of Private Goods, Tagging and Optimal Income Taxation with Heterogeneity in Needs
Spencer Bastani, Sören Blomquist and Luca Micheletto

No 2010:13: Piracy, Music, and Movies: A Natural Experiment
Adrian Adermon and Che-Yuan Liang

No 2010:12: The Welfare Gains of Age Related Optimal Income Taxation
Spencer Bastani, Sören Blomquist and Luca Micheletto

No 2010:11: The Standard Deviation of Life-Length, Retirement Incentives, and Optimal Pension Design
Thomas Aronsson and Sören Blomquist

No 2010:10: Taxation, Dividends, and Share Repurchases: Taking Evidence Global
Martin Jacob

No 2010:9: Stimulating Local Public Employment: Do General Grants Work?
Heléne Lundqvist, Matz Dahlberg and Eva Mörk

No 2010:8: Is tolerance good or bad for growth?
Niclas Berggren and Mikael Elinder

No 2010:7: Bling Bling Taxation and the Fiscal Virtues of Hip Hop
Per Engström

No 2010:6: Does Providing Childcare to Unemployed Affect Unemployment Duration?
Ulrika Vikman

No 2010:5: Dynamic effects of mandatory activation of welfare participants
Anna Persson and Ulrika Vikman

No 2010:4: The Norwegian Shareholder Tax Reconsidered
Jan Södersten and Tobias Lindhe

No 2010:3: The Effect of Inheritance Receipt on Labor and Capital Income: Evidence from Swedish Panel Data
Mikael Elinder, Oscar Erixson and Henry Ohlsson

No 2010:2: Timing of death and the repeal of the Swedish inheritance tax
Marcus Eliason and Henry Ohlsson

No 2010:1: Marginal Deadweight Loss when the Income Tax is Nonlinear
Sören Blomquist and Laurent Simula

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
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