Scandinavian Working Papers in Economics

Working Paper Series, Center for Fiscal Studies,
Uppsala University, Department of Economics

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No 2014:14: Estates, bequests, and inheritances in Sweden - A look into the Belinda databases
Mikael Elinder, Oscar Erixson, Sebastian Escobar and Henry Ohlsson

No 2014:13: The determinants of annuitization: evidence from Sweden
Johannes Hagen

No 2014:12: Dividend Taxation and the Cost of New Share Issues
Tobias Lindhe and Jan Södersten

Mattias Dahlberg and Ali Sina Önder

No 2014:10: The Signaling Role of Corporate Social Responsibility
Tomer Blumkin, Yoram Margalioth and Adi Sharoni

No 2014:9: Inheritance Taxation in Sweden, 1885–2004: The Role of Ideology, Family Firms and Tax Avoidance
Magnus Henrekson and Daniel Waldenström

No 2014:8: Optimal Wage Redistribution in the Presence of Adverse Selection in the Labor Market
Spencer Bastani, Tomer Blumkin and Luca Micheletto

No 2014:7: Inherited wealth over the path of development: Sweden, 1810–2010
Henry Ohlsson, Jesper Roine and Daniel Waldenström

No 2014:6: Property taxation, bounded rationality and housing prices
Mikael Elinder and Lovisa Persson

No 2014:5: Long run trends in the distribution of income and wealth
Jesper Roine and Daniel Waldenström

No 2014:4: Distribution-Free Structural Estimation with Nonlinear Budget Sets
Che-Yuan Liang

No 2014:3: Health responses to a wealth shock: Evidence from a Swedish tax reform
Oscar Erixson

No 2014:2: Estate division: Equal sharing as choice, social norm, and legal requirement
Oscar Erixson and Henry Ohlsson

No 2014:1: Individual Heterogeneity, Nonlinear Budget Sets, and Taxable Income
Sören Blomquist, Anil Kumar, Che-Yuan Liang and Whitney K. Newey

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