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No. 2003:20: Fiscal Policy and Private Consumption in Industrial and Developing Countries Full Text
Alfredo Schclarek

No. 2003:19: Rural Poverty and Agricultural Diversification in Thailand Full Text
Alia Ahmad and Somporn Isvilanonda

No. 2003:18: Provision of Primary Health Care in Bangladesh: An Institutional Analysis Full Text
Alia Ahmad

No. 2003:17: The Impact of Estimation Error on Portfolio Selection for Investors with Constant Relative Risk Aversion Full Text
Christoffer Bengtsson

No. 2003:16: A Panel Data Test of the Bank Lending Channel in Sweden Full Text
Joakim Westerlund

No. 2003:15: A Panel CUSUM Test of the Null of Cointegration Published
Joakim Westerlund

No. 2003:14: A Simple Continuous Measure of Credit Risk Published
Hans Byström and Oh Kang Kwon

No. 2003:13: The Value of Road and Railway Safety - an Overview Full Text
Lena Winslott Hiselius

No. 2003:12: Feasible Estimation in Cointegrated Panels Published
Joakim Westerlund

No. 2003:11: Coordination through Status
Peter Engseld

No. 2003:10: Cross-sectional dependency and size distortion in a small-sample homogeneous panel-data unit root test Published
Kristian Jönsson

No. 2003:9: The Role of Social Capital and NGOs in Community Based Management of Open Water Inland Fisheries of Bangladesh Full Text
Alia Ahmad

No. 2003:8: Swedish Development Cooperation in Perspective Published
Anders Danielson and Lennart Wohlgemuth

No. 2003:7: Poverty, Inequality and Growth in Jamaica, 1988-98, and Beyond Published
Anders Danielson

No. 2003:6: Tropic Trust versus Nordic Trust: Experimental Evidence from Tanzania and Sweden Published
Anders Danielson and Hakan J Holm

No. 2003:5: Inequality in the Access to Education and Poverty in Bangladesh Full Text
Alia Ahmad

No. 2003:4: Estimation in Binary Choice Models with Measurement Errors Full Text
David Edgerton and Peter Jochumzen

No. 2003:3: Public debt and the effects of government expenditure on private consumption - A Kalman filter analysis of the Swedish experience 1970-1997 Full Text
Martin Johansson and Kristian Jönsson

No. 2003:2: The Market’s View on the Probability of Banking Sector Failure: Cross-Country Comparisons Published
Hans Byström

No. 2003:1: Estimating Default Probabilities Using Stock Prices: The Swedish Banking Sector During the 1990s Banking Crisis Published
Hans Byström

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