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No. 2011:39: Trade and Migration: Firm-Level Evidence Full Text
Andreas Hatzigeorgiou and Magnus Lodefalk

No. 2011:38: Hidden in the Factors? The Effect of Credit Risk on the Cross-section of Equity Returns Full Text
Caren Yinxia Nielsen

No. 2011:37: Markups and export pricing Full Text
Joakim Gullstrand, Karin Olofsdotter and Susanna Thede

No. 2011:36: Willingness to pay for wholesome canteen takeaway Full Text Published
Jonas Nordström

No. 2011:35: Does Easily Accessible Nutritional Labelling Increase Consumption of Healthy Meals away from Home? A Field Experiment Measuring the Impact of a Point-of-Purchase Healthy Symbol on Lunch Sales. Full Text
Linda Thunström and Jonas Nordström

No. 2011:34: Long term unemployment and violent crimes - using post-2000 data to reinvestigate the relationship between unemployment and crime Full Text
Daniel Almén and Martin Nordin

No. 2011:33: Idiosyncratic Risk and Higher-Order Cumulants Full Text
Frederik Lundtofte and Anders Wilhelmsson

No. 2011:32: The Effect of Emigration on Unemployment: Evidence from the Central and Eastern European EU Member States Full Text
Yana Pryymachenko, Klas Fregert and Fredrik N. G. Andersson

No. 2011:31: The Multi-item Bisection Auction Full Text Published
Albin Erlanson

No. 2011:30: South-South FDI and Development in East Asia Full Text
Robert E. Lipsey and Fredrik Sjöholm

No. 2011:29: On symmetry in the formation of stable partnerships Full Text
Jens Gudmundsson

No. 2011:28: Productivity Effects of Privately and Publicly Funded R&D Full Text
Karin Bergman

No. 2011:27: Internal and External R&D and Productivity – Evidence from Swedish Firm-Level Data Full Text
Karin Bergman

No. 2011:26: Swedish Business R&D and its Export Dependence Full Text Forthcoming
Karin Bergman and Olof Ejermo

No. 2011:25: Globalization and Imperfect Labor Market Sorting Full Text
Carl Davidson, Fredrik Heyman, Steven Matusz, Fredrik Sjöholm and Susan Chun Zhu

No. 2011:24: The components of the illiquidity premium: An empirical analysis of U.S. stocks 1927-2010 Full Text
Björn Hagströmer, Birger Nilsson and Björn Hansson

No. 2011:23: A Matter of Time: Revisiting Growth Convergence in China Published
Fredrik N. G. Andersson, David Edgerton and Sonja Opper

No. 2011:22: Band Spectrum Regressions using Wavelet Analysis Full Text
Fredrik N. G. Andersson

No. 2011:21: Explaining socioeconomic inequalities in drug utilization for Sweden 2005-2006: Evidence from linked survey and register data Full Text
Martin Nordin, Margareta Dackehag and Ulf-G Gerdtham

No. 2011:20: Outsourcing Public Services: Ownership, Competition, Quality and Contracting Full Text
Fredrik Andersson and Henrik Jordahl

No. 2011:19: Belling the cat: Eli F. Heckscher on the gold standard as a discipline device Full Text Published
Klas Fregert

No. 2011:18: Ability Heterogeneity in Intergenerational Mobility Full Text
Martin Nordin and Dan-Olof Rooth

No. 2011:17: Increasing Returns to Schooling by Ability? A Comparison Between the US and Sweden Full Text
Martin Nordin and Dan-Olof Rooth

No. 2011:16: Equal Splits or Product Prices: An Experiment Full Text
Håkan J. Holm and Emma Svensson

No. 2011:15: Reaping the Benefits of Deeper Euro-Med Integration Through Trade Facilitation Full Text
Yves Bourdet and Maria Persson

No. 2011:14: Ethnic School Segregation and Second-generation Immigrants' Human Capital Full Text
Martin Nordin

No. 2011:13: Exploring the Evolution of Trade Survival Since 1962 Full Text
Wolfgang Hess and Maria Persson

No. 2011:12: Productivity or discrimination? An economic analysis of excess-weight penalty in the Swedish labor market Full Text
Margareta Dackehag, Ulf-G Gerdtham and Martin Nordin

No. 2011:11: Labor Taxation and FDI decisions in the European Union Full Text
Åsa Hansson and Karin Olofsdotter

No. 2011:10: Measuring institutional quality in ancient Athens Full Text Published
Andreas Bergh and Carl Hampus Lyttkens

No. 2011:9: Accounting for the dead in the longitudinal analysis of income-related health inequalities Published
Dennis Petrie, Paul Allanson and Ulf-G Gerdtham

No. 2011:8: Institutions promoting budgetary discipline: evidence from Swedish municipalities Full Text Published
Jens Dietrichson and Lina Maria Ellegård

No. 2011:7: Health, Economics and Ancient Greek Medicine Full Text Published
Carl Hampus Lyttkens

No. 2011:6: The Stability and Growth Pact: Lessons from the Great Recession Full Text
Martin Larch, Paul van den Noord and Lars Jonung

No. 2011:5: The forecasting horizon of inflationary expectations and perceptions in the EU. Is it really 12 months? Full Text
Lars Jonung and Staffan Lindén

No. 2011:4: Correcting the Concentration Index for Binary Variables Full Text Published
Gustav Kjellsson and Ulf-G Gerdtham

No. 2011:3: Informal and Formal Sector Participation and Earnings in a LDC: The Importance of Time and Migration Full Text
Peter Karpestam

No. 2011:2: Education, Migration and Source Community Incomes in Rural China Full Text
Peter Karpestam

No. 2011:1: International Remittances – A proposal how to test hypotheses about determinants of remittances with macroeconomic time series Full Text
Peter Karpestam and Fredrik N G Andersson

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