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No. 1997:31: Behavioral Modeling in Micro Simulation Models. A Survey Full Text
N. Anders Klevmarken

No. 1997:30: The Hausman-MaCurdy Controversy - Why do results differ between studies? Full Text Published
Matias Eklöf and Hans Sacklén

No. 1997:29: Tax Reform Evaluation Using Nonparametric Methods: Sweden 1980 - 1991 Full Text Published
Sören Blomquist, Matias Eklöf and Whitney Newey

No. 1997:28: Social Norms and Moral Hazard Full Text Published
Martin Dufwenberg and Michael Lundholm

No. 1997:27: Interactions Between Price Setting and Capital Investment in a Customer Market Full Text
Charlotte Bucht

No. 1997:26: Tax Arbitrage and Labor Supply Published
Jonas Agell and Mats Persson

No. 1997:25: Unemployment Insurance in Theory and Practice Full Text Published
Bertil Holmlund

No. 1997:24: Nonparametric Estimation of Labor Supply Functions Generated by Piece Wise Linear Budget Constraints Full Text
Sören Blomquist and Whitney Newey

No. 1997:23: On Bootstrap Standard Errors in Dynamic Panel Data Models
Pål Bergström

No. 1997:22: Economic Theory and the Supply of Oil
Ferdinand Banks

No. 1997:21: Did the Tax Cuts Increase Hours of Work? A Pre-Post Analysis of Swedish Panel Data Full Text Published
Anders Klevmarken

No. 1997:20: Agency Costs, Financial Deregulation, and Corporate Investment - An Euler Equation Approach to Panel Data for Swedish Firms
Hansen Sten and Sara Lindberg

No. 1997:19: Precautionary Saving and Altruism Full Text
Katarina Nordblom

No. 1997:18: Bargaining, Capital Formation and Unemployment: A Putty-Clay Approach
Anders Forslund and Thomas Lindh

No. 1997:17: Fixed or Flexible? Wage Setting in Search Equilibrium Published
Tore Ellingsen and Åsa Rosén

No. 1997:16: Payroll Taxation, Unemployment and Skill Formation
Pål Bergström

No. 1997:15: Growth Cycles with Technology Shifts and Externalities Published
Clas Eriksson and Thomas Lindh

No. 1997:14: Corrective Taxation of a Consumption Externality in the Presence of an Optimal Non-linear Income Tax Full Text
Anneli Josefsson

No. 1997:13: Swedish Employment in the 1950s - Filling the Lacuna
Gudmundur Gunnarsson and Thomas Lindh

No. 1997:12: Price Subsidies versus Public Provision Published
Sören Blomquist and Vidar Christiansen

No. 1997:11: An Examination of the Dynamic Behavior of Local Governments Using GMM Bootstrapping Methods Published
Matz Dahlberg and Eva Johansson

No. 1997:10: GMM Bootstrapping and Testing in Dynamic Panels
Pål Bergström, Matz Dahlberg and Eva Johansson

No. 1997:9: Are Commodity Taxes Regressive? Evidence from Sweden
Douglas Lundin

No. 1997:8: Time Diary Measures of Investment in Young Children Full Text Published
N. Anders Klevmarken and Frank P. Stafford

No. 1997:7: Inequality and Mobility of Wealth in Sweden 1983/84 - 1992/93. Full Text Published
Lars Bager-Sjögren and N. Anders Klevmarken

No. 1997:6: The Political Economy of Public Employment Programs Published
Peter Fredriksson

No. 1997:5: Tax Policy Uncertainty and the Corporation - Theory of Tax-induced Investment Spurts Published
Luis H.R. Alvarez, Vesa Kanniainen and Jan Södersten

No. 1997:4: The Determinants of Urban House Price Fluctuations in Sweden 1967-94 Published
Katinka Hort

No. 1997:3: Some Relationships Between Evolutionary Stability Criteria in Games Full Text Published
Martin Dufwenberg

No. 1997:2: Environmental Tax Reform in a Small Open Economy with Structural Unemployment Full Text Published
Bertil Holmlund and Ann-Sofie Kolm

No. 1997:1: Time Consistent Matrimony with Endogenous Trust Full Text
Martin Dufwenberg

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