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Bank of Finland Research Discussion Papers, Bank of Finland

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No. 35/2003: A calibrated structural model of the Czech economy Full Text
Tibor Hlédik

No. 34/2003: Effects of the supply-side channel on stabilisation properties of policy rules Full Text
Jukka Railavo

No. 33/2003: Determinants of the loan loss allowance: some cross-country comparisons Full Text
Iftekhar Hasan and Larry D. Wall

No. 31/2003: The rigidity bias Full Text
Risto Herrala

No. 30/2003: Adaptive learning and multiple equilibria in a natural rate monetary model with unemployment persistence Full Text
Anssi Rantala

No. 29/2003: Irreversible investment under interest rate variability: new results Full Text
Luis H.R. Alvarez and Erkki Koskela

No. 28/2003: Are adverse selection models of debt robust to changes in market structure? Full Text
Jukka Vauhkonen

No. 27/2003: Staggered prices and trend inflation: some nuisances Full Text
Guido Ascari

No. 26/2003: Interlinking securities settlement systems: A strategic commitment? Full Text
Karlo Kauko

No. 25/2003: Preventing systemic crises through bank transparency Full Text
Ari Hyytinen and Tuomas Takalo

No. 24/2003: Buffer funding of unemployment insurance in a dynamic labour union model Full Text
Marja-Liisa Halko

No. 23/2003: Simulating interbank payment and securities settlement mechanisms with the BoF-PSS2 simulator Full Text
Harry Leinonen and Kimmo Soramäki

No. 22/2003: Policy interaction, expectations and the liquidity trap Full Text
George W. Evans and Seppo Honkapohja

No. 21/2003: The role of market discipline in handling problem banks Full Text
David T. Llewellyn and David G. Mayes

No. 20/2003: Learning, inflation expectations and optimal monetary policy Full Text
Eric Schaling

No. 19/2003: Equilibrium unemployment under negotiated profit sharing Full Text
Erkki Koskela and Rune Stenbacka

No. 18/2003: A positive theory of monetary policy and robust control Full Text
Juha Kilponen

No. 17/2003: Investor protection and business creation Full Text
Ari Hyytinen and Tuomas Takalo

No. 16/2003: Competition and regulation in European retail payment systems Full Text
Kari Kemppainen

No. 15/2003: Cross-country asymmetries in euro area monetary transmission: the role of national financial systems Full Text
Hanna Putkuri

No. 14/2003: Financial contracts and contingent control rights Full Text
Jukka Vauhkonen

No. 13/2003: Banks' equity stakes in borrowing firms: corporate finance approach Full Text
Jukka Vauhkonen

No. 12/2003: Optimal discretionary monetary policy in the open economy: Choosing between CPI and domestic inflation as target variables Full Text
Alfred V. Guender

No. 11/2003: Labour market flexibility and policy coordination in a monetary union Full Text
Anssi Rantala

No. 10/2003: Friedman's money supply rule vs optimal interest rate policy Full Text
George W. Evans and Seppo Honkapohja

No. 9/2003: Money as an indicator variable for monetary policy when money demand is forward looking Full Text
Lauri Kajanoja

No. 8/2003: Card, Internet and mobile payments in Finland Full Text
Hanna Jyrkönen and Heli Paunonen

No. 7/2003: Restructuring securities systems processing – a blue print proposal for real-time/t+0 processing Full Text
Harry Leinonen

No. 6/2003: Equilibrium in financial markets with adverse selection Full Text
Tuomas Takalo and Otto Toivanen

No. 5/2003: Economic evaluation of bank exit regimes in US, EU and Japanese financial centres Full Text
Peik Granlund

No. 4/2003: Simulation-based stress testing of banks’ regulatory capital adequacy Full Text
Samu Peura and Esa Jokivuolle

No. 2/2003: Do networks in the stock exchange industry pay off? European evidence Full Text
Iftekhar Hasan and Heiko Schmiedel

No. 1/2003: Payment systems efficiency, policy approaches, and the role of the central bank Full Text
Tanai Khiaonarong

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