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Bank of Finland Research Discussion Papers, Bank of Finland
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  • 2011 (No. 1/2011 to 24/2011)
  • 2012 (No. 1/2012 to 37/2012)
  • 2013 (No. 1/2013 to 35/2013)
  • 2014 (No. 1/2014 to 33/2014)

No. 27/2015: Agglomeration and innovation Full Text
Gerald Carlino and William R. Kerr

No. 26/2015: Transition to clean technology Full Text
Daron Acemoglu, Ufuk Akcigit, Douglas Hanley and William R. Kerr

No. 25/2015: Networks and the macroeconomy: an empirical exploration Full Text
Daron Acemoglu, Ufuk Akcigit and William R Kerr

No. 24/2015: Rational exuberance booms and asymmetric business cycles Full Text
Gene Ambrocio

No. 23/2015: Innovation and competition in Internet and mobile banking: an industrial organization perspective Full Text
Carlotta Mariotto and Marianne Verdier

No. 22/2015: Cash management and payment choices: a simulation model with international comparisons Full Text
Carlos Arango, Yassine Bouhdaoui, David Bounie, Martina Eschelbach and Lola Hernandez

No. 21/2015: Social Capital and Debt Contracting: Evidence from Bank Loans and Public Bonds Full Text Forthcoming
Iftekhar Hasan, Chun-Keung (Stan) Hoi, Qiang Wu and Hao Zhang

No. 20/2015: Matching and credit frictions in the housing market Full Text
Essi Eerola and Niku Määttänen

No. 19/2015: Does the type of debt matter? Stock market perception in Europe Full Text
Zuzana Fungácová, Christophe J. Godlewski and Laurent Weill

No. 18/2015: Monetary policies to counter the zero interest rate: an overview of research Full Text
Seppo Honkapohja

No. 17/2015: What type of finance matters for growth? Bayesian model averaging evidence Full Text
Iftekhar Hasan, Roman Horvath and Jan Mares

No. 16/2015: Firms’ risk endogenous to strategic management choices Full Text Forthcoming
Mantos D. Delis, Iftekhar Hasan and Efthymios G Tsionas

No. 15/2015: Regulations, institutions and income smoothing by managing technical reserves: international evidence from the insurance industry Full Text Forthcoming
Chrysovalantis Gaganis, Iftekhar Hasan and Fotios Pasiouras

No. 14/2015: The effect of board directors from countries with different genetic diversity levels on corporate performance Full Text Forthcoming
Mantos D. Delis, Chrysovalantis Gaganis, Iftekhar Hasan and Fotios Pasiouras

No. 13/2015: Evidence for the Existence of Downward Real Earnings Management Full Text Forthcoming
Bill Francis, Iftekhar Hasan and Lingxiang Li

No. 12/2015: Euro area monetary and fiscal policy tracking design in the time-frequency domain Full Text
Patrick Crowley and David Hudgins

No. 11/2015: Are monetary unions more synchronous than non-monetary unions? Full Text
Patrick Crowley and Christopher Trombley

No. 10/2015: Why are bank runs sometimes partial? Full Text
Ilkka Kiema and Esa Jokivuolle

No. 9/2015: Comparing inflation and price level targeting: the role of forward guidance and transparency Full Text
Seppo Honkapohja and Kaushik Mitra

No. 8/2015: Indicators used in setting the countercyclical capital buffer Full Text
Simo Kalatie, Helinä Laakkonen and Eero Tölö

No. 7/2015: Measuring financial stress – A country specific stress index for Finland Full Text
Jarkko Huotari

No. 6/2015: Toward robust early-warning models: A horse race, ensembles and model uncertainty Full Text
Markus Holopainen and Peter Sarlin

No. 5/2015: Bonus caps, deferrals and bankers' risk-taking Full Text
Esa Jokivuolle, Jussi Keppo and Xuchuan Yuan

No. 4/2015: Relevance of uncertainty on the volatility and trading volume in the US Treasury bond futures market Full Text
Helinä Laakkonen

No. 3/2015: Which financial stocks did short sellers target in the subprime crisis? Full Text Published
Iftekhar Hasan, Nadia Massoud, Anthony Saunders and Keke Song

No. 2/2015: Shifts in euro area Beveridge curves and their determinants Full Text
Boele Bonthuis, Valerie Jarvis and Juuso Vanhala

No. 1/2015: The net stable funding ratio requirement when money is endogenous Full Text
Karlo Kauko

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