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Bank of Finland Research Discussion Papers, Bank of Finland

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No. 27/2005: A wavelet analysis of scaling laws and long-memory in stock market volatility Full Text
Tommi Vuorenmaa

No. 26/2005: The effects of aging population on the sustainability of fiscal policy Full Text
Mikko Puhakka

No. 25/2005: Inflation expectations and regime shifts in the euro area Full Text
Matti Virén

No. 24/2005: The transparency of the banking industry and the efficiency of information-based bank runs Full Text
Yehning Chen and Iftekhar Hasan

No. 23/2005: Standard setting and competition in securities settlement Full Text
Alistair Milne

No. 22/2005: Comparing alternative Phillips curve specifications: European results with survey-based expectations Full Text Forthcoming
Maritta Paloviita

No. 21/2005: Forecasting with a forward-looking DGE model: combining long-run views of financial markets with macro forecasting Full Text
Hanna-Leena Männistö

No. 20/2005: Robust monetary policy in a small open economy Full Text
Kai Leitemo and Ulf Söderström

No. 19/2005: Assessing effects of price regulation in retail payment systems Full Text
Kari Kemppainen

No. 18/2005: International economic spillovers and the liquidity trap Full Text
Juha Tarkka and Mika Kortelainen

No. 17/2005: Identifying the interdependence between US monetary policy and the stock market Full Text
Hilde Bjřrnland and Kai Leitemo

No. 16/2005: What's in it for us? Network effects and bank payment innovation Full Text
Alistair Milne

No. 15/2005: Fiscal policy in the 1920s and 1930s How much different it is from the post war period's policies? Full Text
Matti Virén

No. 14/2005: The demand for money market mutual funds Full Text
Karlo Kauko

No. 13/2005: Banking fragility and distress: An econometric study of macroeconomic determinants Full Text
Jarmo Pesola

No. 12/2005: Decomposing the co-movement of the business cycle: a time-frequency analysis of growth cycles in the euro area Full Text
Patrick Crowley and Jim Lee

No. 11/2005: The mixed oligopoly of cross-border payment systems Full Text
Karlo Kauko

No. 10/2005: The optimal tax treatment of housing capital in the neoclassical growth model Full Text
Essi Eerola and Niku Määttänen

No. 9/2005: Bank interest rates in a small European economy: Some exploratory macro level analyses using Finnish data Full Text
Karlo Kauko

No. 8/2005: Government size and output volatility: is there a relationship? Full Text
Matti Virén

No. 7/2005: Productivity differentials and external balance in ERM II Full Text
Marketta Henriksson

No. 6/2005: The role of expectations in the inflation process in the euro area Full Text
Maritta Paloviita and Matti Virén

No. 5/2005: Why do capital intensive companies pay higher wages? Full Text
Matti Virén

No. 4/2005: Labour productivity growth and industry structure. The impact of industry structure on productivity growth, export prices and labour compensation Full Text
Johanna Sinkkonen

No. 3/2005: Relationship lending and competition: Higher switching cost does not necessarily imply greater relationship benefits Full Text
Timo Vesala

No. 2/2005: Ageing, interest rates, and financial flows Full Text
Tuomas Saarenheimo

No. 1/2005: An intuitive guide to wavelets for economists Full Text Published
Patrick Crowley

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