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No 340: Risk or Resilience? The Role of Trade Integration and Foreign Ownership for the Survival of German Enterprises during the Crisis 2008-2010
Joachim Wagner and John P. Weche Gelübcke

No 339: Exploration of Wisdom Ages: Firm survival
Mikaela Backman and Charlie Karlsson

No 338: Determinants of entrepreneurship. Is it all about the individual or the region?
Mikaela Backman and Charlie Karlsson

No 337: The Influence of Diversity on the Formation, Survival and Growth of New Firms
Mikaela Backman and Janet Kohlhase

No 336: RETURNS TO LOCATION IN RETAIL: Investigating the relevance of market size and regional hierarchy
Özge Öner

No 335: RETAIL CITY: Does accessibility to shops explain place attractiveness?
Özge Öner

No 334: Credit constraints and exports: A survey of empirical studies using firm level data
Joachim Wagner

No 333: My Urban Idol 2050 – The City of Gothenburg
Charlie Karlsson

No 332: Which Types of Relatedness Matter in Regional Growth? - Industry, occupation and education.
Sofia Wixe and Martin Andersson

No 331: Internal and External Knowledge Sources of New Export Products
Börje Johansson and Peter Warda

No 330: Creativity as an integral element of social capital and its role for economic performance
Hans Westlund, Martin Andersson and Charlie Karlsson

No 329: Credit Constraints, Foreign Ownership, and Foreign Takeovers in Germany
Joachim Wagner and John P. Weche Gelübcke

No 328: Media clusters and metropolitan knowledge economy
Charlie Karlsson and Philippe Rouchy

No 327: Testing for Panel Unit Roots under General Cross-Sectional Dependence
Thomas Holgersson, Kristofer Månsson and Ghazi Shukur

No 326: In the quest for economic significance: Assessing variable importance through mean value decomposition
Thomas Holgersson, Therese Norman and Sam Tavassoli

No 325: Who says life is over after 55? Entrepreneurship and an aging population
Mikaela Backman and Charlie Karlsson

No 324: Extensive margins of imports in The Great Import Recovery in Germany, 2009/2010
Joachim Wagner

No 323: Intra-triad Knowledge Flows
Charlie Karlsson and Therese Norman

No 322: Labor Decomposition: A Firm Level Analysis on Import Quality and Labor Demand
Peter Warda

No 321: Higher education experiences and new venture performance
Anders Broström and Apostolos Baltzopoulos

No 320: Do outliers and unobserved heterogeneity explain the exporter productivity premium? Evidence from France, Germany and the United Kingdom
Yama Temouri and Joachim Wagner

No 319: New firms and labor market entrants: Is there a wage penalty for employment in new firms?
Kristina Nyström and Gulzat Zhetibaeva Elvung

No 318: The Neighborhood or the Region? Untangling the density-productivity relationship using geocoded data
Johan P. Larsson

No 317: Foreign Ownership and the Extensive Margins of Exports: Evidence for Manufacturing Enterprises in Germany
Horst Raff and Joachim Wagner

No 316: Managing the teaching-research nexus: ideals and practice in research oriented universities
Lars Geschwind and Anders Broström

No 315: Night-Time Light Data: A Good Proxy Measure for Economic Activity?
Charlotta Mellander, Kevin Stolarick, Zara Matheson and José Lobo

No 314: Accessibility: a useful analytical and empirical tool in spatial economics – experiences from Sweden
Charlie Karlsson and Urban Gråsjö

No 313: R&D Strategy, Metropolitan Externalities and Productivity
Hans Lööf and Börje Johansson

No 312: Taxes, tax administrative burdens and new firm formation
Pontus Braunerhjelm and Johan E. Eklund

No 311: Foreign Investors as Change Agents: The Swedish Firm Experience
Kathy S. Fogel, Kevin K. Lee, Wayne Y. Lee and Johanna Palmberg

No 310: Spontaneous Orders and the Emergence of Economically Powerful Cities
Johanna Palmberg

No 309: Simultaneous-equations Analysis in Regional Science and Economic Geography
Timo Mitze and Andreas Stephan

No 308: Survival, Productivity and Growth of New Ventures across Locations
Hans Lööf and Pardis Nabavi

No 307: Stockholm – from ugly duckling to Europe’s first green capital
Björn Hårsman and Bo Wijkmark

No 306: The Impact of Spatial Externalities: Skills, Education and Firm Productivity
Sofia Wixe

No 305: Knowledge & Innovation in Space
Charlie Karlsson, Börje Johansson and Roger R. Stough

No 304: The Geography of Inequality: Difference and Determinants of Wage and Income Inequality across US Metros
Richard Florida and Charlotta Mellander

No 303: Persistent Exporter Performance: The importance of internal, local and global knowledge
Hans Lööf, Pardis Nabavi, Gary Cook and Börje Johansson

No 302: The Role of extensive margins of exports in The Great Export Recovery in Germany, 2009/2010
Joachim Wagner

No 301: Banks and New Firm Formation
Mikaela Backman

No 300: Regional Variation of Returns to Education
Mikaela Backman

No 299: Are low-productive exporters marginal exporters? Evidence from Germany
Joachim Wagner

No 298: What Do We Learn From Schumpeterian Growth Theory?
Philippe Aghion, Ufuk Akcigit and Peter Howitt

No 297: Internal and External Knowledge – Innovation of Export Varieties.
Börje Johansson, Sara Johansson and Tina Wallin

No 296: Learning and Productivity of Swedish Exporting Firms: The importance of Innovation Efforts and the Geography of Innovation
Hans Lööf and Pardis Nabavi

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