Scandinavian Working Papers in Economics

Working Paper Series in Economics and Institutions of Innovation,
Royal Institute of Technology, CESIS - Centre of Excellence for Science and Innovation Studies

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No 425: Innovation Capabilities and Financing Constraints of Family Firms
Dorothea Schäfer, Andreas Stephan and Jenniffer Solórzano Mosquera

No 424: Moving home again? Never! The migration patterns of highly educated individuals in Sweden
Lina Bjerke and Charlotta Mellander

No 423: Trade Dynamics and Trade Costs: First Evidence from the Exporter and Importer Dynamics Database for Germany
Joachim Wagner

No 422: Labour as a knowledge carrier – How increased mobility influences entrepreneurship
Pontus Braunerhjelm, Ding Ding and Per Thulin

No 421: The Geography of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Mikaela Backman and Hans Lööf

No 420: Pre- and post-entrepreneurship labor mobility of entrepreneurs and employees in entrepreneurial firms
Kristina Nyström

No 419: The contribution patterns of equity-crowdfunding investors: Gender, Risk aversion and Observational learning
Ali Mohammadi and Kourosh Shafi

No 418: Moral Capital in the Twenty-First Century
Zoltan J. Acs

No 417: Share of exports to low-income countries, productivity, and innovation: A replication study with firm-level data from six European countries
Joachim Wagner

No 416: A survey of empirical studies using transaction level data on exports and imports.
Joachim Wagner

No 415: Functional Economic Regions, Accessibility and Regional Development
Charlie Karlsson and Michael Olsson

No 414: Unraveling the R&D-Innovation-Productivity relationship - a study of an academic endavour
Anders Broström and Staffan Karlsson

No 413: Work Force Composition and Innovation: How Diversity in Employees’ Ethnical and Disciplinary Backgrounds Facilitates Knowledge Re-combination
Ali Mohammadi, Anders Broström and Chiara Franzoni

No 412: Creativity, Clusters and the Competitive Advantage of Cities
Roger Martin, Richard Florida, Melissa Pogue and Charlotta Mellander

No 411: Appropriability Mechanisms, Innovation and Productivity:Evidence from the UK
Bronwyn H. Hall and Vania Sena

No 410: Ownership structure and firm export performance. Evidence from Slovenian microdata
Crt Kostevc

No 409: Increasing Wage Gap, Spatial Structure and Market Access: Evidence from Swedish Micro Data
Pardis Nabavi

No 408: A New Approach to Estimation of the R&D-Innovation-Productivity Relationship
Christopher F Baum, Hans Lööf, Pardis Nabavi and Andreas Stephan

No 407: Political Entrepreneurship, Cluster Policies and Regional Growth
Charlie Karlsson

No 406: Regional Economic Development, Social Capital and Governance: A Comparative Institutional Analysis France - Sweden
Charlie Karlsson and Philippe Rouchy

No 405: Regulation, firm dynamics and entrepreneurship
Pontus Braunerhjelm, Sameeksha Desai and Johan E. Eklund

No 404: The location of new firms - Influence of commuting behaviour
Mikaela Backman and Charlie Karlsson

No 403: Does Labour Mobility Foster Innovation? Evidence from Sweden
Pontus Braunerhjelm, Ding Ding and Per Thulin

No 402: Leaning from multinational companies through hiring: An empirical investigation.
Ding Ding

No 401: Innovation Strategies and Firm Performance
Charlie Karlsson and Sam Tavassoli

No 400: CEO Duality and Firm Performance Revisited
Ali Mohammadi, Nada O. Basir and Hans Lööf

No 399: Credit constraints and the extensive margins of exports: First evidence for German manufacturing
Joachim Wagner

No 398: The role of entrepreneurship in rising wealth and income inequality
Arvid Malm and Tino Sanandaji

No 397: Research Intensity and Financial Analysts Earnings Forecast: Signaling Effects of Patents
Ali Mohammadi, Nada O. Basir and Mehdi Beyhaghi

No 396: Firms’ Innovation Strategies Analyzed and Explained
Sam Tavassoli and Charlie Karlsson

No 395: Innovation and SMEs Patent Propensity in Korea
Junghee Han and Almas Heshmati

No 394: Do Financing Constraints Matter for R&D?
James R. Brown, Gustav Martinsson and Bruce C. Petersen

No 393: Law, Stock Markets, and Innovation
James R. Brown, Gustav Martinsson and Bruce C. Petersen

No 392: Persistence of various types of innovation analysed and explained
Charlie Karlsson and Sam Tavassoli

No 391: An Innovation Policy Framework: Bridging the gap between industrial dynamics and growth
Pontus Braunerhjelm and Magnus Henrekson

No 390: Regional Economic Development, Social Capital and Governance: A Buchanian Approach
Charlie Karlsson and Philippe Rouchy

2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
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