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No 210: Away, Away to Falun! – J.G Gahn and the application of enlightenment chemistry to smelting
Hjalmar Fors

Per Thulin

No 208: INVESTMENT FOR GROWTH – a comparative study of firm performance in Scandinavia and South East Asia
Andreas Högberg

No 207: Determinants of Buyouts in Private Equity Firms
Louise Nordström and Daniel Wiberg

No 206: Promarket reforms and allocation of capital in India
Sameeksha Desai, Johan Eklund and Andreas Högberg

No 205: Are Services Different Exporters?
Hans Lööf

No 204: Dynamics of Entry and Exit of Product Varieties – what evolution dynamics can account for the empirical regularities?
Martin Andersson, Börje Johansson and Kristofer Månsson

No 203: Wages, Productivity and Industry Composition – agglomeration economies in Swedish regions
Johan Klaesson and Hanna Larsson

No 202: Market Potential and New Firm Formation
Jenny Grek, Charlie Karlsson and Johan Klaesson

No 201: Total Factor Productivity of Korean Manufacturing Industries: Comparison of Competing Models with Firm-Level Data
Donghyun Oh, Almas Heshmati and Hans Lööf

No 200: Impact of Economic Crises on Innovation Activity: Firm Level Evidence from Patent Data
Gustav Martinsson and Hans Lööf

No 199: The Icelandic Economy: a victim of the financial crisis or simply inefficient?
Dong-Hyun Oh, Hans Lööf and Almas Heshmati

No 198: Estimating the Swedish and Norwegian International Tourism Demand using ISUR Technique
Khalik Salman, Leif Arnesson, Anna Sörensson and Ghazi Shukur

No 197: R&D, Corporate Governance and Profitability of Firms – a literature review
Daniel Wiberg

No 196: Market Experiences and Export Decisions in Heterogeneous Firms
Sara Johansson

No 195: Scale and Scope - human capital and the structure of regional export flows
Martin Andersson and Sara Johansson

No 194: Internal Finance and Patents - evidence from firm-level data
Gustav Martinsson and Hans Lööf

No 193: Technical Change and Total Factor Productivity Growth for Swedish Manufacturing and Service Industries
Donghyun Oh, Almas Heshmati and Hans Lööf

No 192: Equity Financing and Innovation: is Europe different from the United States?
Gustav Martinsson

No 191: Human Capital, Talent, Agglomeration and Regional Growth
Charlie Karlsson, Börje Johansson and Roger R. Stough

No 190: Agglomeration Externalities and Entrepreneurship - micro-level evidence from Sweden
Apostolos Baltzopoulos

No 189: The Firm and the Region as Breeding Grounds for Entrepreneurs
Apostolos Baltzopoulos

No 188: How do Organisational and Cognitive Distances Shape Firms’ Interactions with Universities and Public Research Institutes?
Anders Broström and Maureen McKelvey

No 187: The Global-Local Interplay of MNE and Non-MNE Firms
Börje Johansson and Hans Lööf

No 186: Why did the Breed Reactor Fail? - Swedish and international nuclear development in a cold war context
Maja Fjaestad

No 185: Macroeconomic Factors and Swedish Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturing Firm Failure
A. Khalik Salman, Yvonne von Friedrichs and Ghazi Shukur

No 184: Testing for Unit Root against LSTAR model – wavelet improvements under GARCH distortion
Yushu Li and Ghazi Shukur

No 183: Developing Median Regression for SURE Models - with Application to 3-Generation Immigrants’ data in Sweden
Zangin Zeebari and Ghazi Shukur

No 182: Determinants of Demand for Wine – price sensitivity and perceived quality in a monopoly setting
Tobias Dahlström and Erik Åsberg

No 181: A Sequential Malmquist-Luenberger Productivity Index
Donhyun Oh and Almas Heshmati

No 180: Why Do Firms Switch Their Main Bank? - theory and evidence from Ukraine
Andreas Stephan, Andriy Tsapin and Oleksandr Talavera

No 179: Industrial Research Institutes’ Collaboration: a three-way solution to integrating new research skills
Dzamila Bienkowska and Katarina Larsen

No 178: Small Nordic Enterprises - developing IPR in global competition
Eric Iversen, Iiro Mäkinen, Hans Lööf, Dong-Hyun Oh, Svend Jespersen, Martin Junge and Jonas Bech

No 177: Sources of Persistence in Regional Start-Up Rates - evidence from Sweden
Martin Andersson and Sierdjan Koster

No 176: Do university units differ in the efficiency of resource utilization?
Zara Daghbashyan

No 175: Key Characteristics of the Small Innovative Firm
Martin Andersson and Hans Lööf

No 174: Finance and R&D Investments - is there a debt overhang effect on R&D investments?
Gustav Martinsson

No 173: Working with Distant Researchers - distance and content in university-industry interaction
Anders Broström

No 172: Ownership Structure, Board Composition and Investment Performance
Johan Eklund, Johanna Palmberg and Daniel Wiberg

No 171: Returns to Higher Education - a regional perspective
Mikaela Backman and Lina Bjerke

No 170: Agglomeration and Productivity - evidence from firm-level data
Martin Andersson and Hans Lööf

No 169: Are there Financial Constraints for Firms Investing in Skilled Employees?
Gustav Martinsson

No 168: One Share – One Vote: new evidence from the Nordic countries
Johan E Eklund

No 167: New Firm Formation and Economic Development in a Globalizing Economy
Sierdjan Koster and Charlie Karlsson

No 166: Metropolitan Regions and Product Innovation
Lina Bjerke and Charlie Karlsson

No 165: Productivity of and Returns to Knowledge Investments
Åke E Andersson

No 164: A Global Malmquist-Luenberger Productivity Index - an application to OECD countries 1990-2004
Dong-Huyn Oh

No 163: Returns to Education
Åke E Andersson

No 162: Creating Innovations, Productivity and Growth - the efficiency of Icelandic firms
Dong-huyn Ho and Hans Lööf

No 161: Persistence of Profits and the Systematic Search for Knowledge - R&D and profits above the norm
Daniel Wiberg

No 160: Entrepreneurship and Development - local processes and global patterns
Charlie Karlsson, Börje Johansson and Roger Stough

No 159: Innovation, R&D and Productivity - assessing alternative specifications of CDM-models
Börje Johansson and Hans Lööf

No 158: That’s Entertainment - scale and scope economies in the location and clustering of the entertainment economy
Richard Florida, Charlotta Mellander and Kevin Stolarick

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