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No 2005:21: Rural Population Growth in Sweden in the 1990s: Unexpected Reality or Spatial-Statistical Chimera
Jan Amcoff

No 2005:20: Demography and housing demand - What can we learn from residential construction data?
Thomas Lindh and Bo Malmberg

No 2005:19: Women´s Return to Work after First Birth in Sweden during 1980-2000
Ying Hong and Diana Corman

No 2005:18: Stability or change in the Swedish Labour Market Regime?
Jonas Olofsson

No 2005:17: Productivity consequences of workforce ageing - Stagnation or a Horndal effect?
Bo Malmberg, Thomas Lindh and Max Halvarsson

No 2005:16: Population Geography Perspectives on the Central Asian Republics
Michael Gentile

No 2005:15: Generations at War or Sustainable Social Policy in Aging Societies?
Thomas Lindh, Bo Malmberg and Joakim Palme

No 2005:14: A Leap in the Dark. From a Large Actor to a Large Approach: The Joint Committee of the Nordic Social Democratic Labour Movement and the Crisis of the Nordic Model.
Urban Lundberg

No 2005:13: Childbearing and psycho-social work life conditions in Sweden 1991-2000
Sara Ström

No 2005:12: Family relations, children and interregional mobility, 1970 to 2000
Ann-Christin Jans

No 2005:11: Swedish parental leave and gender equality - Achievements and reform challenges in a European perspective
Ann-Zofie Duvander, Tommy Ferrarini and Sara Thalberg

No 2005:10: Befolkningsfrågan i press och politik, 1994-2004.
Marianne Abramsson

No 2005:9: Continued Work or Retirement? Preferred Exit-age in Western European countries?
Ingrid Esser

No 2005:8: Den ojämlika utsattheten. Utsatthet för brott bland fattiga och rika 1984-2001.
Anders Nilsson and Felipe Estrada

No 2005:7: Welfare States, Social Structure and the Dynamics of Poverty Rates. A comparative study of 16 countries, 1980-2000.
Olof Bäckman

No 2005:6: Simulating the Future Pension Wealth and Retirement Saving in Sweden
Anna Röstberg, Björn Andersson and Thomas Lindh

No 2005:5: Equity, Justice, Interdependence: Intergenerational Transfers and the Ageing Population
Ingrid Rydell

No 2005:4: Våldsutvecklingen i Sverige - En presentation och analys av sjukvårdsdata
Felipe Estrada

No 2005:3: Income Inequality and Growth: a Panel Study of Swedish Counties 1960-2000
Ruth-Aïda Nahum

No 2005:2: The Employers in the Swedish Model The Importance of Labour Market Competition and Organisation
Torbjörn Lundqvist

No 2005:1: Social Democracy Lost - The Social Democratic Party in Sweden and the Politics of Pension Reform, 1978-1998
Urban Lundberg

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