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No 2010:14: Unintentional Climate Policy: Swedish experiences of carbon dioxide emissions and economic growth 1950-2005
Magnus Lindmark and Lars Fredrik Andersson

No 2010:12: Economic Evaluation of Biotechnological Progress: The effect of changing management behavior
Peichen Gong, Karl-Gustaf Löfgren and Ola Rosvall

No 2010:11: Climate Policy and Profit Efficiency
Tommy Lundgren and Per-Olov Marklund

No 2010:10: Non-market valuation of the coastal environment - uniting political aims, ecological and economic knowledge
Katarina Östberg, Linus Hasselström and Cecilia Håkansson

No 2010:9: Beware of the wolf: Is animal fear affecting willingness to pay for conservation of large carnivores?
Runar Brännlund, Maria Johansson, Jens Karlsson and Magnus Sjöström

No 2010:8: Technical change, carbon dioxide reduction and energy consumption in the Swedish pulp and paper industry 1973-2006
Magnus Lindmark, Ann-Kristin Bergquist and Lars Fredrik Andersson

No 2010:7: Outcomes and Determinants of Success of a Performance Payment Scheme for Carnivore Conservation
Astrid Zabel, Göran Bostedt and Stefanie Engel

No 2010:6: Towards a dynamic Ecol-Econ CGE model with forest as biomass capital
Örjan Furtenback

No 2010:5: A note on CostBenefit Analysis, the Marginal Cost of Public Funds, and the Marginal Excess Burden of Taxes
Per-Olov Johansson and Bengt Kriström

No 2010:4: Tax or no tax? Preferences for climate policy attributes
Runar Brännlund and Lars Persson

No 2010:3: Environmental Incidents and Firm Value –International Evidence using a MultiFactor Event Study Framework
Tommy Lundgren and Rickard Olsson

No 2010:2: Approach to Analysis of Self-Selected Interval Data
Yuri Belyaev and Bengt Kriström

No 2010:1: A note on how to undertake a cost-benefit analysis in monetary and environmental units
Per-Olov Johansson and Bengt Kriström

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