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No 2018:11: The Infinitely Worried Forest Owner: Key Biotopes and Forest Certification in a Faustmann Model
Bengt Per-Olov Kriström and Per-Olov Johansson

No 2018:10: Do redlisted species follow Benford's law?
Bengt Kriström

No 2018:9: Economics and Social Costs of Hydroelectric Power
Per-Olov Johansson and Bengt Kriström

No 2018:8: Effects of EPC home energy audits on investment: A quasi-natural experiment approach
Thomas Broberg, Alejandro Egüez and Andrius Kažukauskas

No 2018:7: Evaluating Large Projects when there are Substitutes: Looking for Possible Shortcuts
Per-Olov Johansson and Gines de Rus

No 2018:6: Parking, transit and traffic: Evidence from SFpark
Chandra K. Krishnamurthy and Nicole S. Ngo

No 2018:5: Peak and off-peak demand for electricity: subsistence levels and price elasticities
Runar Brännlund and Mattias Vesterberg

No 2018:4: Benefits of real-time pricing and rooftop solar PV generation: Explorations using Swedish micro-data
Chandra K.B. Krishnamurthy, Mattias Vesterberg, Herman Böök, Anders V. Lindfors and Rauli Svento

No 2018:2: Understanding Preference Imprecision
Oben K. Bayrak and John D. Hey

No 2018:1: Decisions under Risk Dispersion and Skewness
Oben K. Bayrak and John D. Hey

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
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