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No 2019:12: Efficient and sustainable bioenergy production in Swedish forests – a network DEA approach
Wenchao Zhou, Moriah Bostian, Rolf Färe, Shawna Grosskopf and Tommy Lundgren

No 2019:11: Prevention or cure? Abatement efficiency in a network technology
Moriah Bostian, Rolf Färe, Shawna Grosskopf and Tommy Lundgren

No 2019:10: On extreme perception bias
Imelda Molina, Emrico Aguilar and Klarizze Puzon

No 2019:9: Can common ownership prevent the tragedy of the commons? An experimental investigation
Klarizze Puzon and Marc Willinger

No 2019:8: Household Preferences for Load Restrictions: Is There an Effect of Pro-Environmental Framing?
Thomas Broberg, Aemiro Melkamu Daniel and Lars Persson

No 2019:7: Forest owner objectives typologies: instruments for each owner type or instruments for most owner types?
Brian Danley

No 2019:6: On the Formulation of the Alternative Scenario in Cost-Benefit Analysis
Per-Olov Johansson and Bengt Kriström

No 2019:5: Intermittency and Pricing Flexibility in Electricity Markets
Jurate Jaraite, Andrius Kazukauskas, Runar Brännlund, Chandra Kiran and Bengt Kriström

No 2019:4: Hourly demand for electricity in Sweden: Implications for load, welfare and emissions
Amin Karimu, Chandra Kiran B. Krishnamurthy and Mattias Vesterberg

No 2019:3: Using an Integrated Choice and Latent Variable Model to Understand the Impact of “Professional” Respondents in a Stated Preference Survey
Erlend Dancke Sandorf, Lars Persson and Thomas Broberg

No 2019:2: Gone fishing: The value of recreational fishing in Sweden
Ola Carlén, Göran Bostedt, Runar Brännlund and Lars Persson

No 2019:1: Planning on a wider scale – Swedish forest owners’ preferences for landscape policy attributes
Göran Bostedt, Astrid Zabel and Hans Ekvall

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