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No 1999:24: On the Vote Purchasing Behavior of Incumbent Governments
Matz Dahlberg and Eva Johansson

No 1999:23: Central Bank Conservatism and Labor Market Reform
Henrik Jordahl and Stefan Laséen

No 1999:22: Direct Displacement Effects of Labour Market Programmes: The Case of Sweden
Matz Dahlberg and Anders Forslund

No 1999:21: Age Distributions and the Current Account -A Changing Relation?
Thomas Lindh and Bo Malmberg

No 1999:20: Do Benefit Cuts Boost Job Findings? Swedish Evidence from the 1990s
Kenneth Carling, Bertil Holmlund and Altin Vejsiu

No 1999:18: On the Causality Between Saving and Growth: Long- and Short-Run Dynamics and Country Heterogeneity
Björn Andersson

No 1999:17: Procurement Bidding in First-Price and Second-Price Sealed Bid Common Value Auctions
Anders Lunander

No 1999:16: Labor Supply Prediction when Tax Avoidance Matters
Jonas Agell, Mats Persson and Hans Sacklén

No 1999:15: Markets Shares, Financial Constraints, and Pricing Behavior in the Export Market
Nils Gottfries

No 1999:14: On Environmental Taxation under Uncertainty
Sören Blomquist and Thomas Aronsson

No 1999:13: A Pure Binary LP Model to the Facility Layout Problem
Christos Papahristodoulou

No 1999:12: Survey Evidence on Wage Rigidity and Unemployment: Sweden in the 1990s
Jonas Agell and Per Lundborg

No 1999:11: Swimming With the Tide: Solidarity Wage Policy and the Gender Earnings Gap
Per-Anders Edin and Katarina Richardson

No 1999:10: Intergovernmental Grants as a Tactical Instrument: Some Empirical Evidence from Swedish Municipalities
Eva Johansson

No 1999:9: Extremism, Campaigning and Ambiguity
Andreas Westermark

No 1999:8: A Model of Union Formation
Andreas Westermark

No 1999:7: Economic Integration, Imperfect Competition, and International Policy Coordination
Bertil Holmlund and Ann-Sofie Kolm

No 1999:6: Consumption and Capital Mobility in the Nordic Countries
Sara Lindberg

No 1999:5: Unemployment and Subsequent Wages: Does Gender Matter?
Fredrik Wiklund

No 1999:4: An Empirical Investigation of the Strategic Use of Debt
Per Pettersson

No 1999:3: Post Mortem Reputation, Compensatory Gifts and Equal Bequests
Michael Lundholm and Henry Ohlsson

No 1999:2: Bootstrap Methods and Applications in Econometrics - A Brief Survey
Pål Bergström

No 1999:1: Growth and the Public Sector: A reply
Jonas Agell, Thomas Lindh and Henry Ohlsson

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